Thursday, May 12, 2016

Pictures from my Phone & Weekly Distractions

Thanks for your awesome support of our Fourth episode of Strangerville! If you haven't listened to it 1,000 eleventy times yet, please make sure you do so now. It's what Santa would want.

I'm tired, y'all. So tired that I just said "y'all." Which, as you know, I don't even say.

Please help.

And enjoy your Pictures & Distractions:
Mr. Pants gets really dramatic when I won't give him peanut butter.

Let's not over-sell it, Village Inn.

I finally cleaned my office!

I got pinkeye. 

Then it looked like it was getting better!

But instead it just started spreading to the other eye and now I want to have my whole face amputated. 
Stranger Picture of the Week

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

My Survivor recap of the week.

Farmer plows Prince tribute. Thanks, Darci.

Rooster loves to creep up on his family when they least expect it. Thanks, Wendy.

Some unsurprising news from the farm. Thanks, Judy.

And in case that last one didn't give you enough info. Thanks, Judy.

Southern momma impression. Thanks, Kathleen.

Six sensation photos (and one terrifying one). Thanks, Gaby.

10 facts about homelessness. Thanks, Greg.

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  1. Not gonna lie...when I first moved here I thought Village Inn was an actually Inn and not like an Ihop type place

  2. Can we have a Before and After comparison of the office?

    1. Yeah! Because I feel like he just actually walked by someone else's office that was clean and took a picture to make it look like his was clean. Need more proof.

  3. This is why I don't clean my house. I might get pinkeye.

  4. I now want to travel to Utah just to eat at the Village Inn and have a Grown Up Grilled Cheese sandwich and a piece of the best pie in America. Seriously. It looks wonderful.

  5. I don't know if I believe you that you cleaned your office. Are we sure Brianne didn't organize it for you?

    Even with pink eye, your hair looks great! Are you happy to have more length on the sides again?

  6. We have The Village Inn here in Tampa. We get our pies for Christmas from them. THE BEST chocolate pie with Christmas candies on top and pecan pie. They might just be the best pies in America.

  7. You know where pink eye comes from don't you? Not that we know what poop and not washing our hands are, CATHIE!

    But even more importantly, you can barely notice the pinkeye because your fabulous hair distracts from it.

  9. The “Best Pie in America” is apparently a real trademark. I just looked it up. It is registered to American Blue Ribbon Holdings which owns Village Inn. Blue Ribbon’s website is great. They “treat people right” by giving them giant checks at baseball games. At least that’s what I could see from the 20 seconds I spent on their home page.
    The real question is who is verifying these claims at the US Patent office?! (Question mark AND exasperated mark) What kind of country do we live in where anyone can just walk up to the United States Patent and Trademark office and lay hold to the claim of “Best Pie in America?” There were no awards to back up this claim. No public vote. I watch food network religiously and I have not seen anything about this. I demand a recount!
    By that same level of rigorous care and concern, I could go trademark the phrase “Best Hair in America” (trademark pending) even though everyone knows Eli has much better hair than I do. But I would hold the trademark! I could put it on my business cards and have the full backing of the United States Patent and Trademark Office of God Bless ‘Merica.

    1. And I guess this isn't even America any more!