Thursday, December 15, 2016

Pictures from my Phone & Weekly Distractions

This morning I woke up with zero puppies, which is exactly too many fewer puppies than one should have. So tonight I drove to Adam's house and made some excuse about why it would make sense for me to take Teddy with me and to my shock this actually worked. Then I drove to Matt's house with Teddy in tow and gave Matt a guilt trip about how lonely Mr. Pants was going to be if I didn't bring him with us and have a puppy slumber party, and to my shock, that worked.

So now I have two puppies. And they are hysterically barking at each other because there's only one bone at my house and they aren't good at sharing and this town is only big enough for one of them. So, yeah. I used my super powers of persuasion to achieve this result.

And now, your Pictures & Distractions:
Brianne and I took a work selfie and posted it on Instagram. 

Then she came into my office five minutes later and made me take another one "with makeup" so people wouldn't think she always looks "awful." And she made me sit on her lap for this. And she promised me that this is normal behavior for bosses and assistants.

Mr. Pants did not have a very good time at the light fixture store. 

You guys know that I'm not the type to complain about my Snuggie, but I just want to say that I'm very frustrated with how low and impractical the pockets are on this. Do you know how incovenient it is to reach all the way down there to pull out my wallet when I'm in the checkout line at the grocery store?
Found in my favorite consignment shop, Old Flamingo. 

Mr. Pants!
Mr. Teddy Scraps!
Stranger Picture of the Week
From Jasina, who explained that in Brunei if you buy "fresh" chicken, they wrap it like this so you can carry it around like a purse while you do more shopping. 

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

Some thoughts on the Survivor finale.

We did a TV & Jelly podcast on the new Gilmore Girls. I had nothing helpful to say.

Dancing with some cats. Thanks, Stephanie.

Everyone watch this. NOW. And then never doubt me or my family again. Thanks, Tim and Leslie.

A government conspiracy in North Dakota. Thanks, Darci.

50+ things you didn't know about Netflix. Thanks, Jeff.

The best Christmas tree in every state. Thanks, James.

The real reason your food takes so long (some language). Thanks, Michael.

You need to go to Imzy right now because you can make polls there now and I made a poll and Tami is winning and it's amazing.

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  1. I am continually impressed with your ability to obtain puppies that are yours.

  2. The Snuggie! It warms my heart. That thing needs to be brought out on stranger more.

  3. I wish you and Brianne had a reality TV show. I know I've said this before. But I will not let this die until I get my way.

    1. He doesnt want to lose the limelight. Cause clearly people will love every bit of my bossiness.

  4. I thought Brianne looked good in both photos --- so makeup or no, she's pretty. Best wishes!

    1. Oh my gosh thanks for the self esteem boost. I am in love with you if you are a single straight male between the ages of 30-40!

    2. You look great, makeup is over rated, and Eli should give you a raise if you let him sit on your lap (I don't believe his version of that story).

    3. awe thanks! You are smart to not believe him! He totally forced me into letting him sit on my lap. I was like no that is crossing the line and he said no its totally normal and I was like whatever.

  5. Why don't you get your own dog?!? Then you coukd have triplets! Oh and "just" is spelled wrong in your snuggie post unless you meant to do that!?

    1. Eli has a hard enough time taking care of himself full time. He does not need another distraction.

    2. Thanks! And I have my own dog! His name is Mr. Ollie Pants!

  6. OK it surprises me that you had nothing to say about Gilmore Girls because personality wise you're basically the male version of Lorelai.