Thursday, July 27, 2017

Pictures from my Phone & Weekly Distractions

TSA: Sir, is this your bag?

Eli: Yes.

TSA: So this giant bottle of self-tanning lotion belongs to you?

Eli: Oh. No. I don't know . . . uh . . .

TSA: What about this Hello Kitty pocket knife?

Eli: Maybe can we talk more quietly?

TSA: And this book called "Love the Inner You" forward by Oprah Winfrey?

Eli: Definitely not mine.

TSA: Sir, are you saying someone tampered with your bag?

Eli: That's actually not even mine at all. You can just keep it.

And then I bought new clothes.

And now, your Pictures & Distractions:
Why is Duncan always looking at the camera like he's Jim from The Office.


From when I went camping. LIKE A POOR PERSON.

Every Tinder profile.

I told him a really funny joke.

Hannah Rose.

Teddy got a little brother! And Adam is crazy. 

Meet Mr. Renley Rufferford. He's a ten-week-old cavoodle, just like Mr. Pants and Mr. Doodle. And he came from the same rescue organization as well (Wasatch Rescue). Matt, Adam, and I are single-handedly saving all of the world's cavoodles.

High on life. I'm actually not really sure. 

Sometimes when Mr. Doodle is taking a nap we like to play a little game called "identify Duncan's head."

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

Check out what is quickly becoming our most popular Strangerville episode ever.

Meg has gone back to personal blogging.

Re-imagined titles to tween literature (language warning). Thanks, Tracy.

If Mean Girls was made today. Thanks, Margee.

Everything you need to know about millennials. Thanks, Krishelle.

Millennials shall inherit the Boomers' stuff. Thanks, Jack.

Disturbing video about leaving a child in a hot car. Thanks, Jamie.

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    1. Right! Was Duncan ever that small?!? Stop growing Duncan and Ollie!

      Also, since you a trio would is a perfect way to start a joke or a sitcom, or both, just sayin'

    2. We've been having that debate a lot. Duncan was 12 weeks old when I got him so he was two weeks older than this puppy. I don't think he was quite that small

  2. If Duncan is Jim from The Office, that makes you Michael Scott.

    Or Dwight Schrute.

    Think about that.

    1. I've always seen you as more a Phyllis.

    2. Jim doesn't look at the camera like that when Pam is talking. He's looking at her all starry-eyed.'re looking at Duncan. Okay, point made.

  3. I want to bite off Mr. Doodle's paws. I love him so much.

  4. Wasatch Rescue is not a good rescue. They are basically a puppy mill with some adoptions on the side. They keep the animals in terrible conditions and do not do health checks on the puppies. Do not adopt through them.

    1. That was not my experience with them, but if any of that is true then I am even more happy I got Mr. Doodle the hell out of there!

  5. WOW, your pants are getting tight.....(insert winky emoji)