This is a goat. And it's always there for us.

The Zion Face: It's probably not Jesus.

The "Queen" of Colors: Capable of unspeakable evil.

The First Eye: Always watching . . .

Larry: Promises to be a good friend, ends up being clingy.

Lohan: Eli's diet since 2009.

Paul Cyclemon: Don't be fooled by his weight. He's survived several wars in his short life.

The Stormtrooper: Hot. But on the inside. Your mom taught you that was more important anyway.

Leotrix: Eats through walls to get your chocolate cake.

Tami: Doesn't like getting walked all over by anyone.
Shabesaur: Part shark, part bear, part dinosaur. Roams the mountains of Bosnia looking for a kebab.

Jackson: Lake sharks are the worst.