Thursday, November 22, 2012

Pictures From My Phone & Weekly Distractions

I hope your Thanksgiving festivities were everything you hoped they would be and more. Mine were great. And I'm never eating again.

Until next week, strangers. Please enjoy some pictures and weekly distractions.

Standing in front of the results of one billion hours of Thanksgiving cooking. I seriously need to take smiling lessons. They do those, right?

A card that depicts my future sent to me by a friend, Kelly. Getting something in the mail down here is easily the most exciting thing that happens to me.
Ok, so this isn't a picture from my phone. My sister, Krishelle, passed this along to me and promised it would be sent in a package for Christmas. If it doesn't show up by December 25, there will be Hell to pay. I don't know who will pay it. I only know the price.
A package showed up the other day from my good friend Hannah and this was what was in it. A signed photograph from the lady who played Marilla from the Anne of Green Gables mini-series in the '80s. Found on eBay, I think. I have the best/strangest friends.
Ok, so this one is cheating, too. It's not actually from my phone. The older guy in the picture is a good friend of mine and he recently shared this photo of us from 2004 in L'viv Ukraine when I was a missionary. I was 19 in this picture and not 12 like you might have guessed.  The exceedingly flamboyant lady between us went by the name Pani Lala ("Miss La-La") and she claimed to be "the center of the social scene" in L'viv. We ran into her pretty regularly and through her caught up on all the latest town gossip. I wish I still had a Miss La-La in my life.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:
In case Miranda hasn't blessed your life yet, here she is. This is an older one but it's one of my favorite of her music videos. Miranda started posting these videos several years ago to mock so many others who post terrible videos of themselves singing on Youtube. The singing in this one starts at 1:42.

~It Just Gets Stranger


  1. I just want to eat you all up.

    Unless you keep showing me Jan Terri videos.

  2. I decided to just check your blog real fast before iwent to bed. It is now an hour later and i haven't even scratched the surface of Jan Terri videos. Well played. Thank goodness I'm already a Mirfanda or i literally would not have slept at all tonight.

  3. Does the second picture mean you're getting a sex change? Yes it does get stranger.

  4. I ended up on youtube for 2 hours because of this. I hope you're happy.

    1. Lol! Me too. I should start avoiding IJGS at the end of the week. Youtube hole . . .

  5. Can't get enough of you. Thanks for the weekly wrap up.

  6. I think if you weren't a semi-permanent member of the cast of SURVIVOR:Palau (lawyer edition), we would be best friends. And soulmates. Or maybe only best friends, since we are the same person, and everyone knows that one time science proved that one person cannot be their own soulmate (despite the Kardashian sisters' allegations of data exclusion in this study). So anyways, until Daniel votes you off the island, Julia Roberts and i will just be here, wishin and hopin, prayin, and waiting for the day when we all meet face to face at Kitsy's Cat Salon in West Valley. P.S. at the Thanksgiving dinner table, I told my family I was grateful for my new best friend from Polynesia and his blog. That led to a lot of confusion and yelling and tears and mashed potatoes on the see, my parents are white supremacists...But don't worry, we got it all worked out before pie. and they're gonna LOVE you!!!

  7. Been a Mirfanda for years. And now I'm a . . . Elifanda? You need to come up with a word for that.

  8. I got my first introduction to Jan Terri and I hope...the last. Wow! And yes, a smile would be delightful, seeing as so many of us end up with one after reading you. Seriously 19 in that picture, I def. thought younger and now look how handsome you've grown. (Hugs) Indigo

  9. Some of your "smiling" pictures make you sort of look like a serial killer. But that's not totally a bad thing because serial killers are supposed to be charming, right?

  10. On a scale of super stellar to cat lady, how lame is it that I'm WAY jealous of that autographed picture of Marilla...?

  11. Love the cat card!!! I have made it my mission in life to find as many crazy cards in France as I can and send them to myself when I get home cause face it, Letters are amazing!!!

  12. oh yeah:

  13. Are you really an Anne of Green Gables fan? My grandad played Matthew in that mini series. :-)

  14. LOL!!! I started playing the Miranda video and my son (who was laying next to me happily) bursted into tears!! Sadest cry of his whole life. Poor baby.

  15. From the dullestblog: Tying my shoelace…
    "The lace on one of my shoes was undone. I knelt down, took the two ends of the lace in my hand and tied them together. Having tied my lace I stood up again."
    Comment: Life’s a nonstop party when you’re Dave!
    bahahahahaha... I laughed at everything lately :P