Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pictures From My Phone & Weekly Distractions

Alii, dear strangers. I'm taking off to Guam tonight for the weekend and don't know what my Internet access will be like. So I'm bringing you pictures from my phone and weekly distractions a day early this week.

Apparently a huge typhoon is supposed to hit Palau this weekend while I'm in Guam. Good timing? I'm not sure. This morning when I walked into the office, the librarian I pass every day made me a little concerned:

You're leaving tonight, right?

Yup! Can't wait!

And you come back Monday?

Yes mam!

Oh. You're not gonna make it. [turning back to her computer now like our conversation was over]

I'm not? You think the flight will be cancelled?

No. [then very matter-of-factly] You're gonna die on that flight.

So, strangers, if this is farewell, it's been real. I'll miss you all. Please, someone remember to feed my cats. They're in a storage unit somewhere. I don't know what they eat.

Sand Angel!

Daniel, kicking it on our favorite beach.

"Down town." This is where it all happens. All of it.

Sign in a massage room at a place near my apartment. My favorite is where they ask the patient not to "destruct" the therapist. But chatting to her constantly.

I had posted a picture of my Palaun driver's license here, too. But then I got freaked out because of all the conspiracy emails old people have sent me about identity theft, even though the picture didn't really have any information on it that I don't/wouldn't already share with you anyway. In any event, the reason I wanted to share the picture is because of the blood type that is listed on it. They require you to list your blood type on the license in Palau. When they asked me what mine was, I wasn't sure and so I panicked. Problem was, suddenly I couldn't remember what any blood types were. Like, if they were named after numbers, or letters, or shapes, etc. Then letters sounded right so I went with "A plus" because that sounded like the most exceptional type. My friend Brian told me after that I should have gone with O because of blah blah blah . . . something about science. Don't worry though. I'm going to make fixing this a priority soon.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

In honor of yesterday's post about G-Mac, here's an entire website dedicated to old people on Facebook.  Thanks, Carly.

Why not kick off this Christmas season with a Jan Terri Christmas music video? Well excuse MY Christmas!

I came across these awesome photos from Russia a few days ago. Made me miss it.

Has everyone seen the hysterical elevator ghost prank that has been going around this week?

The Trololo guy died. I somehow missed this one when it made its rounds in 2010. Thanks, Kelly.

~It Just Gets Stranger


  1. LOL...A+ and they did not even question it.

  2. Don't your cats have frozen fish in the storage unit to keep them fed? I distinctly remember a fish being mentioned in your storage emails.

  3. Now we know when your real birthday is! no more chicken cat pictures for you lol.. till may

    I hope you don't die on that flight,that would suck. Your cats would miss you.. Im still naming one of my chickens Q of C even if you do die, but don't. seriously

    i'm already claustrophobic. Im going to have serious issues the next time I take an elevator! I kept waiting for someone to hit her!

  4. A+ is a blood type. It's called A Positive. I know this because my blood type is A Negative. Or A-.

    And that elevator video? I. Am. NEVER. Like, EVER getting in an elevator again. Never ever ever ever. I will walk twelve flights of stairs. I don't care. I thought that video was horrifying!!!

  5. On my mission I taught a lady from Palau. Pretty sure she gave me TB, I'm also fairly certain that I'm the only person to have TB in the states since 1754. Watch out for that crap over there.

  6. Wait, I'm confused. Did they take a new picture for this or borrow the one from your sophomore year of high school?


  7. "Blah blah blah . . . something about science." LOL!

    Have a nice trip in Guam!

    That Jan Terri video? Stuff of nightmares.

  8. Mr. Trololo is my ringtone, and it rang at some baby shower I went to. And I swear, EVERY BABY CRIED.
    And I've always wondered if the guy is married! I can just see Mrs. Trololo standing backstage, getting a little teary eyed with that magical performance!

  9. Mr. Trololo seems to have taken a wrong turn in Albuquerque on his way to the Lawrence Welk Show... Russia probably LOVED his hip new tune!

    Be safe on your flight!! I can't make it to the storage unit in Salt Lake to check on your cats... Have you seen gas prices?? They'll just have to wait for Front Runner to start up.

  10. Yes, it's generally frowned upon to destruct therapists here in the states too. I found out the hard way and do not recommend it.

  11. So before I lived in Podunk, West Texas, I lived in College Station. I worked with a girl from a tiny island that is prolly over there close to Palau, but I can't find either island in the map. Last summer, we were going on a trip

    1. Oops...
      A trip for work from COllege Station to Georgetown (north of Austin). We got to Hearne (about 20 minutes from CS and about an hour from Georgetown) and she said "are we there yet?" "Ummm no. This is Hearne. The only place Wal-Mart ever went out of business. We still have an hour to Georgetown."

    2. (Apparently I'm too long winded)
      And she, quite shocked, said "We could have driven across my whole island by now!!!" So every time you talk about your tiny island, I think of her. (A a going away present, she gave me a flower for my hair)

    3. Where in West Texas did/do you live? Because I lived there too which means we're supposed to know each other by default.

  12. For some reason I can't stop watching the Trololo video. He's sucking me in.

  13. We're almost birthday twinners, almost. Is that even how you spell it? Allmost? al most? all most? Obviously having a brain malfunction over here. I must be destructed...

  14. Nice middle name, whittle. Why has no one called attention to this issue yet?

  15. The "A plus" thing made me give an outburst of laughter. Thanks for that. Hope you survive the weekend.

  16. Darn you, Eli. I don't work today, but I've got sh'loads of stuff today (including but not limited to doing the majority of my Christmas shopping), and you go and post a bunch of stuff to kill my time! I blame you because if you didn't post it, I wouldn't watch it.

    I started off with the Trololo song and was pleasantly repulsed. It was like the scene of an accident: I couldn't look away!

    And then...there was the "Excuse My Christmas" music video. 3 minutes and 32 seconds of my life I'll never get back. Times two. (Because I've watched it twice. And emailed it to a few friends, just to be obnoxious.) There are no words, Eli. No. Words.

    I hope you survive your flights, man!

  17. Hi Eli! I've been reading your blog for about a month now and I cry with laughter every time I revisit the snuggie texts.

    Anyway, just thought I'd share some crazy stuff with you - I grew up in Guam (2 weeks old to seven years old) and also spent a couple of vacations in Palau (all I remember are the rock islands) and in 2010, my husband and I and our son moved to Kyiv for about six months!

    Oh, and we're LDS too, so that's THREE commonalities. Isn't that a little... strange? :)

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  19. But chatting to her constantly destructed my therapist. Win!

  20. I can't wait until you get on Ellen for your snuggle texts and you two can share the joys of jan Terri together.