Friday, January 25, 2013

Pictures from my Phone & Weekly Distractions

Happy weekend, Strangers. Today I give you another set of pictures and distractions. Have a safe weekend and please be careful on those roads.

Oh, and since it's been a few days and maybe it's not stuck in your head anymore:

Sooooo tell me what you want what you really really want!!!

Rainy day, from my balcony.

Sunset from my balcony.

I know it seems like all I do is talk about poop and post pictures of me eating borsch. But, whatever. Here's another one. Things of note: the HOME made rolls, 5 million cans of Diet Coke, and my "Daniel" shirt. My good friend Anna made a dozen Daniel shirts on Daniel's last birthday when we took him surprise birthday camping. His ego grows 3 sizes every time he sees one of us wearing it.

I went to the gym with a few friends but instead of working out we spent most of the time practicing  the cat defense move we learned from Yahoo! Answers VII and taking pictures of it.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

Apparently people really do dye their animals. Thanks, Erika.

Ever had a friend who starts making terrible life choices and claims to be happier? This incredible article explains how that happens.

A man seriously trying to rid his country of cats.  Thanks, Ani.

A site that tells you whether you can drink the water in any given country. Wish I had consulted this about Palau a few months ago . . .

And finally, a parody infomercial for blankets, because Snuggies are confusing and leave your hands exposed.  Thanks, Krishelle. This is why we keep you around.

~It Just Gets Stranger


  1. i always knew there was a reason i've been drawn to New Zealand..

  2. Cats are there for a reason - to keep the queen of colors under control. If not for those hunting felines the Q of C would take over!

  3. The photos there are just beautiful! It makes me want to visit someday, but I hate heat. So I would have to enjoy the beautiful scenery from an air conditioned hotel.

  4. You are ridiculous...I love it. Your observations on the strange, mundane, silly and annoying things in life are hilar!

  5. You are such a beautiful man. I just want to kiss you.

  6. love the snuggie video and then watched the guy's other videos, his literal music videos are hilarious!!!!

  7. You already have a Daniel shirt! Perfection! Let his ego grow; do you need me to remind you what he did for you when you were deliriously sick, Eli? Because I will.

  8. Don't trust that water site!!! It lies! I looked up "Belize," because when I lived there over summer of 2011 I drank the native tap water ONE TIME (other than that I always only drank purified bottled water) and I threw up violently for 24 hours. That site tells you the water is fine there. So, uh, yeah. It is leading people astray.

  9. If the water website was perfect, I would totally be dead right now. But I am not, and I am going to keep on testing the waters where ever I go!

  10. I want a blanket. And that paperclip makes it worth the money

  11. After actually trying your borsch recipe I totally understand why you are so excited about it. I find myself wanting to take pictures of my left overs and cans of borsch every time I've eaten it. Your recipe made enough for left overs and two jars! Yay! Prepped borsch!
    You are adorable no matter what you say.
    Have you considered offering Daniel shirts on your website? The back could say something like "good friends will hold your hair while you puke, great friends will get in the shower with their clothes on and rinse puke off your body"
    Just an idea.

    1. I would definately buy that shirt. Possibly two just so I could have different colors.

    2. I'd also like to see an Eli shirt in the same style. The back could say so many things like "I am hoping puberty is right around the corner" or "Run! It's the Queen of Colors"
      The back quote options are endless.