Friday, April 5, 2013

Pictures & Weekly Distractions

Thanks to all of you who have voted for Dean and helped him in his Ironman quest. If you haven't read yesterday's post yet, I'm referring to this thing that I would still so appreciate you voting on, if you have not yet. And by the way, why haven't you read yesterday's post? I never get behind on your life!

Speaking of yesterday's post, I told Daniel that I shared his love for old woman things. He asked me to pass on to you that he's proud of his choice of books and movies. And I was all, "maybe you should get your own blog and tell them yourself!" And he was all, "maybe I should stop doing your laundry every week!" And I was all, "BUT THEN WHO WOULD DO MY LAUNDRY!?"

Anyway, Daniel is proud of his choice of books and movies.

And now, your pictures and distractions. And by the way, I think I'm going to stop calling them "Pictures from my Phone" because most of them aren't even from my phone anymore and I just feel like I'm lying to you. And I feel like you can tell.

Daniel bought this incredible Palauan wood carving recently. NUDITY.

Daniel with SOME of the Ukrainian Easter bread he baked last Sunday.

I made this yam souffle on Easter. Basically it's just an infinite amount of sugar and butter baked with yams.

Easter dinner with our good friend Natalie.

I just want to point out the "table runner." My grandma (the April Fools' Day grandma I mentioned on Tuesday) sent me this scarf for Christmas. In Palau. The hottest place on Earth. I can't wait to wear it one day. But it came in handy on Easter! Miss you, Nona!

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

UNBELIEVABLY creepy pictures of the Easter Bunny. This is incredible.  Thanks, Vanessa.

I can fix that. Thanks, Alli.

Pictures that should be left in the '90s. Thanks, Alli.

Pencils carved into other things. Thanks, Haley.

~It Just Gets Stranger


  1. That bread looks so good!!!! Great Job Daniel!

  2. I was impressed with the pencil carvings until I remembered that they aren't functional. I like my pencils to be functional.

    I think Easter Bunny pictures almost always look creepy. How do you make a giant bunny look NOT creepy?

    And...I think I could love Daniel and his old woman ways...we could crochet gifts for people together and read old lady books together.

  3. My goodness... now I need me some fresh bread. Congrats to Daniel :p

  4. The yams look AMAZING. Anything that involves sugar and butter is good, and I love yams - cooked some yesterday, actually. Now I want to top them with sugary, buttery, nutty stuff... Noo, Eli! You are a bad influence! I'm trying to eat healthy here! Can't you tell? Thanks for noticing. :)

  5. DO you still have Christmas lights up in your apartment?

    1. I was about to ask this as well. Then I read this comment and I thought, "Oh good. I'm glad someone already made that comment. I wonder what the response will be." But then I felt so empty inside because I had this awesome comment and someone else took it. So now I am commenting on a comment to try to fill this gaping void in my heart of hearts. I am also doing it anonymously so no one knows I use the phrase "heart of hearts."

      Why Eli? Why do you have Christmas lights up on Easter in Palau. Do they even know it's Christmas time at all?

    2. Why WOULDN'T he have Christmas lights up still? It's so much fun!

  6. For a moment, I thought the first picture was a roasted chicken.

  7. Would Daniel let you post his bread recipe? It's looking pretty legit.

  8. Eli, your sudden unstable relationship with your only shirt is worrying me, how are you feeling? I don't think stealing from your laundry man is the answer here. Though you're looking AMAZING with that new hair style.

  9. I am sorry that I am not computer savvy enough to figure out how to copy and paste a link into these comments, but I thought for sure that the "Cat Facts" person had to be you:

  10. Is Daniel single? I'm a fan!!!!