Friday, May 3, 2013

Pictures & Weekly Distractions

We've reached the end of my first week back in the land of coconuts. It's been a nice one, and my jet-lag is slowly wearing off so you're running out of optimal time to ask me for money and favors.

You guys have all been incredibly angry with me for a couple of weeks because I skipped the Friday pictures and distractions posts while I was in the U.S. I received countless death threats and packages of chicken talons with notes scrawled in blood. I get it. You rely on Friday's distractions to get you through the day. I'm sorry! I WAS GOING THROUGH SOME HARD TIMES, OK!? I'm back in Palau now and my emotional state is in a much better place, so I'm ready to get back on schedule.

And with that, I leave you with pictures Cathie took while I was home and some ridiculous distractions. Happy weekend, Strangers.

With 2 of my adorable nieces. Note: the one on the right despises me.
I asked her where she got that mark on her face. 25 minutes later I still wasn't totally sure but I did hear the word "oven" a lot in her explanation.

With the siblings and some of their kids.

Out to dinner after my brother-in-law's law school graduation. Congrats, Andy!

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

Self promotional: In case you missed it, Part I and Part II of The Porch videos. Or just go to the video tab on Stranger. Thanks for recording and uploading, Jolyn.

The creepiest thing your child has said to you. Thanks, Paul.

Cats that look like male models. Thanks, Kimm.

Obsolete words we should revive. Thanks, Jimmy.

Engagement photos that will make you happy that you're single. Thanks, Taylor.

Shockingly bad predictions.

~It Just Gets Stranger


  1. I am going to memorize those words and find a way to implement them in everyday speech...

  2. Thanks for the industrial level goosebumps from that "creepiest thing your kid has said" article. And by "thanks" I mean "I'll get you for this."

    1. Right. We are coming for you Eli.


  3. Your sisters make you look like a giant.

  4. The men and cats photos are actually from a tumblr, aptly named 'des hommes et des chatons'. It's one of my favorite things right now.

  5. Your nieces are adorable! And you look like the coolest uncle ever!

  6. Your nieces are super cute, and not in an awkward way like those engaged couples.

  7. i was distracted for WAY too long with the "creepiest thing your child has said to you" reddit. i hope i can sleep tonight!

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  9. Your wear glasses. You HATE snakes. You hate cats. You love your family and friends. You tall and handsome. You funny.
    Why, NO, more men like you? (Or like Daniel?) Come to Colombo!
    Ok. random trailers on Youtube done. Funny gifs on Buzzfeed done. SL memes done. Random videos done. Itjustgetsstranger checked. Off to work on that stinky lab report now.
    Come to Colombo you two. And if you do come, do let us (me) know.

  10. Having just been introduced to your blog via the Snuggie situation, I love that the first picture of you and your nieces above includes a block-word decoration on the shelf above your head. ;-)

    1. HA! That was what I was going to be slightly snarky about! LOL! Great minds Bonnie!

  11. oh, my ... I kind of want to thank you for the creepy kids link, but then again ... (sleeping with the lights on tonight). I followed through to the Reddit site, and just have to post this as one that made me choke trying not to laugh (I'm at work atm, trying to keep it professional here):

    When I was about 3 we had a cat that had still born kittens. I asked my father if we could make crosses for them, which he did. As he was making them I asked:

    "aren't those too small?",

    Dad: "What do you Mean?"

    Me: "aren't we going to nail them to them?"

    Dad: (after several moments silence) "we're not going to do that"

    Me: "oh"

  12. hey, nice block letters in the background Eli! ;)