Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pictures & Weekly Distractions

After yesterday's post about the book writing, many of you sent me such helpful information regarding finding a literary agent and publisher. THANK YOU. You Strangers are the wind beneath my wings. I just asked Bette Midler if she was free to give you an individual performance as a thank you and she said that she totally is and will be dressed in clothes from the '80s and waiting for you on Youtube.

Several of you emailed asking what the book is about. Basically it's the story of a young boy who gets a letter inviting him to go to a school for witches and wizards and it follows his seven year progression in which he has to fight off dark magic and stay out of trouble with a couple of close friends.

I kid. A book like that would never sell.

I'll do a fuller post on it soon when I have the stamina to write it out. For now just rest assured: if you like Stranger, you should really like this.

And now, your pictures and distractions:

My worlds are colliding.

I googled myself to see if I should be worried about my online presence. I am SO proud of the third thing down on the list.
And then I decided to google "Snuggie." Stranger makes its mark with the first option after "snuggie." Also, don't look up "snuggie sutra."
Watching the sunset from the beach.

Just after sunset.

We are finally getting locally grown bananas in Palau again after December's typhoon destroyed all of the banana trees! Also, I think I may be too close to Chernobyl because WHAT THE CRAP is going on with the "two" bananas are the far left?

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

Crazy cat leggings. Why is this a thing? Thanks, Rachel.

Unfortunate mug shot t-shirts. Thanks, Ann.

If you haven't checked out cakewrecks yet, here it is. Thanks, Britni.

Many of you have sent me this link this week, encouraging me to embrace Leotrix in my life. No.

Why not have a few more cat pictures to distract you from work? Thanks, Kayla.

Great wrong number texting from The Bloggess. We LOVE the Bloggess! And not just because she cited Stranger once and brought many of you here. So let's send her some love back!

~It Just Gets Stranger


  1. That was the most distracting any of your distractions have ever been. And that includes the time when you had the link to the website that writes your name in cats!

  2. You know, I worked in a zoo and one of our education animals was a naked mole rat. We had to rub baby diaper rash cream on her legs and tail because her skin was chapped. To do this we had to pick her up by the scruff of her neck and once she unnaturally turned her neck around 180 degrees and bit me. Big rodent teeth equals a lot of blood and pain. NEVER TRUST THEM!

  3. 2 half banana's in one!?! It's like you have a whole banana!!

    Math is cool!

    ...Just kidding...

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  5. I wasted a good 1 1/2 hours on those cake wrecks... OMG (gosh) freakin hilarious! And the cat pix, my favorite is the last, skeleton cat. Have you seen conversations with my 2yr old? Those are pretty good too.

  6. Wow Eli, I have to say I was disappointed about the cat my head I pictured cats wearing actual little 80s leggings and it was a beautiful thing......

  7. First of all Snuggie Sutra is the funniest thing I has ever seen. I know what I want for Christmas this year! Second, when i googled "snuggie" the #2 spot belonged to "snuggie countdown". Please do yourself a favor and YouTube it, you have not yet lived until you have seen this video. Your snuggie texts are what led me to your wonderful blog, but "snuggie countdown" may have earned its rightful place at #2.

  8. The mole rat article didn't convince me that I need mole rats in my life. In fact, I found them to be freaks of nature that we need to destroy as soon as possible so they don't mutate into super rats.

  9. Have a great weekend strangers! I miss you already! <3

  10. I wish my google searches were as interesting as yours.

    And also that my grandmas facebooked each other. But they're both dead, so that would really just freak me out.

  11. I saw that post on grandma's facebook and I was wondering if it was a relation to your mom... I was so confused by them knowing each other well enough to talk to each other... Any ways the world did just get a little smaller. Also I have noticed that grandma hasn't been posting personal messages as much as wall posts... Maybe your blog about grandma helped her learn the right way to use "faceoff" as she likes to call it.

  12. It took you this long to discover cake wrecks? Oh dear, I would have sent it to you years ago if I had known!

  13. My favorite is that your Grandma referenced "going clubbin" with you... Purely awesome. You owe some of your awesomeness to her.

  14. Love these weekly distractions! Really did the trick killing time tonight, and was very entertaining.

  15. Well, I couldn't even make it through the pictures before I had to look up "snuggie sutra". Thanks for that. :-)


    The least scary snake I have ever seen. You have to check it out!

  17. I think the mutant bananas are from the meltdown that happened in Japan, it just took a while for it to show up in Palau!