Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Joys of Island Living

The other day I was running some errands during lunch and I happened upon Daniel, who was also out and about. He told me he wanted to slip into a small clothing store nearby to get some shorts and since I don't let him do things alone, I went with him.

I've mentioned before and I'll say it again: Daniel is a giant human being. I can't believe they haven't studied him for science yet. Science is totally missing an opportunity here.

While this is very convenient for me because it means we can store stuff up really high in the apartment and I never have to be the one to retrieve it or put it away, it's usually really inconvenient for him. This is particularly so when he has to buy clothes and, worse, shoes.

This world was not made for Mr. Daniel.

So you can only imagine what joy filled his soul when he found a rack of bathing suit shorts that were long enough to cover his four-foot-long femurs.

Daniel: What about these ones?

Eli: What about them?

Daniel: Do you like them?

Eli: Sure. They actually look like they might be long enough for you.

Daniel: But do you think they look professional enough?

Eli: Um . . . I seriously don't think you need to worry about looking professional at the beach.

Daniel: No, not for the beach. For the office. Do you think they look professional enough for the office?

Eli: You know that's a bathing suit, right?

Daniel: I know. So, professional enough?

Eli: Daniel, I can't believe . . . you know, actually, I think they DO look professional enough.

Daniel: Like "business casual" or "casual Friday" professional.

Eli: Well they're dark and the material looks nice. I think you could wear those on a non-Friday work day.

Daniel: Great.

Eli: Daniel, have we been living on a tropical island for too long?


~It Just Gets Stranger


  1. He he! I wear black flip flops to work. They look professional.

  2. Haha! Pictures please!

  3. This made me crack right up. Right up. I love you two... lol. I need me some business flip flops.

  4. Wearing my business flip-flops now...I'm very professional!!

  5. I'm rocking my business yoga pants and my business Tom's today! Maybe I need to move to a tropical island too! :)

  6. I need to live on a tropical island.

  7. hahaha "are these shorts business enough?" "Oh look! Business flip flops!" bahahaha never would get by with that here in the states! But I totally snorted causing I was laughing so hard!

  8. I'm not allowed to wear my "business flip flops" to work anymore, there's a new dress code and apparently flip flops are too casual for running a cash register... cause you know t-shirts are way more professional looking if your wearing tennis shoes on the part of your body most well hidden behind the counter for about 70% of the time spent with customers. Although perhaps it's for the best, it's my understanding that very soon, due to inventory coming in, wearing flip flops may mean a broken foot

  9. Do you even have to wear shirts? If you tell me the shirts are out, I'll be on the next plane down there to look for a job.

  10. Holy bananas, this made me laugh. Eli, my friend, you are about seven kinds of awesome!

  11. Has Daniel ever tried Great stuff for those extra tall friends!