Monday, June 16, 2014

As Quickly As She Came

Sunday morning.

Eli: Where are you going?

Jolyn: Who? Me?

Eli: Yes. You. The only person here with me.

Jolyn: Oh. I'm just heading out for a minute.

Eli: I see. And why do you have the suitcase?

Jolyn: Oh this old thing? I take this with me EVERYWHERE I go. Everywhere.

Eli: Really? And the various bags full of clothing?

Jolyn: These too. I'm bringing them with me. In case it rains.

Eli: In case it rains?

Jolyn: Or snows. Or gets windy. Or sunny. Or any old thing at all.

Eli: And your guitar?

Jolyn: Oh. I might play music later.

Eli: Jolyn, are you leaving me?

Jolyn: LEAVING YOU!? How dare you?! How could you assume I would do something like that?! What kind of a monster do you think I am?!

Eli: Sorry. It just seems like you're taking all of your stuff with you and so I thought maybe you were leaving for good.

Jolyn: Oh. Actually, then, yes. Maybe I am leaving you.

Eli: But why? Didn't I make you happy here?

Jolyn: Eli. I told you all along. I was just staying for the night.

Eli: Right. But you told me that on your first night here. Several weeks ago. I just sort of thought you had finally settled in for good.

Jolyn: I never settle in anywhere for good. And don't you forget it.

Eli: Well. If you are leaving me, I should probably tell you that I was lucky to have you for as long as I did.

Jolyn: And if I am leaving you, I should probably tell you that the pleasure was all mine.

Eli: Where will you go now?

Jolyn: We'll see.

Eli: You don't know?

Jolyn: Do I need to know?

Eli: Well do you have a place to stay tonight?

Jolyn: Here and there.

Eli: You don't have to be homeless. You always have a place here.

Jolyn: Oh, Eli. Jolyn Metro is never homeless. I have a thousand homes. And this has been a great one.

And just like that, she was gone.

~It Just Gets Stranger


  1. NOOOO! You mean she left us?! But, didn't you remind her "what if Paul Simon"???

  2. Maybe Jolyn is really Mary Pippins and it was time for her to go help another little boy. That seems like the only explanation.


  3. I know you may be melancholy now that she is gone, but no worries. You will look back with fondness at your time together. For instance, when you find the severed human head she hid in the ductwork, you will just smile, chuckle and think to yourself, "That little scamp!"

    1. Yeah. This comment is pretty amazing.

    2. I wonder if Jolyn wrote this comment under a fake name.

  4. This whole exchange sounds like the conversation between a Superhero and the romantic interest. "And just like that, she was gone." inspires the image that Jolyn stepped through the front door, cape billowing...and flew away into the sunset. Jolyn is a Superhero isn't she?

  5. This makes me think of the scene in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" with Cat and the taxi and the rain...I think you should go after her, especially if it happens to be raining.

    1. *whispers* it is raining in Utah

    2. You do have really nice hair like Paul "Fred", I think this could work.

  6. If you don't go after her right away and propose marriage immediately, I will be in mourning for the rest of my life.

  7. So, does this mean you have space for me to move in????

  8. I still prefer Rebecca. Please go get her.

  9. Great. That means there is space for Daniel. This blog requires Daniel once more; last you said of him was that he was back in Salt Lake City, but then he just kind of disappeared.

  10. Come back to us Jolyn!

  11. The title of this post made me sad. And then I just got sadder as I read on. I don't know why this makes me so sad - she was only there for the night!

  12. This message is for Daniel.

    Dan, the Man, come back!!! We miss you!! Why have you not updated your blog? We want to see more of your art!

    That is all.

    a DanFan

  13. Can you please tell J Met (that is what I would sometimes call her if we were besties) that I think she might be my spirit animal. I thought it was Ron Swanson, but I think I was wrong.