Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pictures from my Phone & Weekly Distractions

I'm losing it. Attempting to be diligent since I have missed the last THREE weeks of trash pickup, I just hauled my garbage and recycling bins out the curb. I was really impressed with how responsible I was being, especially considering that I seemed to beat all of my neighbors to it. As I walked back up the driveway, my next door neighbor called out to me from his front lawn.

Neighbor: So . . . you getting special treatment?

Eli: Excuse me?

Neighbor: Garbage pick up on a Friday?

Eli: Wait. Today isn't Tuesday?

Neighbor: Uh . . . no.

*Walks back to the curb to retrieve the bins. Makes the "I meant to do that" face to the neighbor.*

Fortunately I've turned into a hippie lately where I'm trying to be a minimalist about waste so the bins are not actually overflowing yet. Hashtag save the planet.

And now, your Pictures and Distractions:
Remember this "before" picture of my kitchen just after I moved into the house?

Well the island was completed this morning! (I'm having a really hard time getting a good picture of it because angles and incompetence. Just trust me. It looks amazing. You should all be hiring me right now to decorate your houses. And do your hair.)

Another terrible and marginally different picture of the island.

And from the other side.

Rebecca played with Mr. Ollie Pants today while Matt was at work. She tortured me with pictures like this one.

And this one.

Also, this is NOT funny. I bet you laughed at the kick a ginger picture from last week too!

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

The 25 greatest pictures ever taken on Splash Mountain. Thanks, Brad.

When your mayor has to ask you to stop jumping out of windows into snow, things have gotten bad. Thanks, Jacob.

And while we're at it, pictures showing where all of Utah's snow this year has ended up. Thanks, Jacob.

Things worried people do. I'm concerned someone followed me around to come up with this list. Which is another thing that should be on the list. Thanks, Ryan.

Zombie cat crawls out of the ground after being hit by a car. Thanks, Krishelle.

Binge-watching TV shows may be a sign of mental health issues. DON'T SHOOT THE MESSENGER. Thanks, Krishelle.

Nearly 2,000 days of solar activity in 5 minutes. Thanks, Desiree.

Oh my gosh. I wonder if I still have the "JNCO" Jeans Cathie made for me in the seventh grade because I wanted to fit in! Hashtag hippie Mormon Pioneer Mom. Thanks, Justin.

What happens to your brain when you give up sugar. Thanks, Kim.

And good news. You can now sue yourself in Utah. (Does it make me part of the "problem" that I think this is a good result?) Thanks, Matt.

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  1. Eli, will you do my hair? Trixie's is just so fab I need it in my life. Did I mention how good your hair looks today?

  2. I just developed a sudden case of kitchen-floor envy. Or entire-kitchen envy. How did I get to be this old and never have a kitchen that cool? *jealously frowns at my 15-year-old used-to-be-cool kitchen*

    1. I totally just scrolled up to re-check the kitchen floors. And, I also hate my kitchen. Elli, you can come to NY and re-do my hair AND my kitchen!!!! Both need HELP!
      You can also bring Ollie, because clearly Matt wants nothing to do with the poor doggie, as evidenced by his constant presence everywhere but with Matt....

    2. Actually, 90% of the pictures of Ollie that I post were taken with Matt present. Matt takes that dog with him just about everywhere he goes. He's kind of an Ollie hog and isn't respecting my demanded joint custody arrangement as much as I would like.

    3. Now I'm going to be all lurking around the internet, looking at kitchens I shouldn't and signing up for all the freegiveawayyoucouldcouldhaveyourperfectkitchenNOW sweepstakes. And puppies.

      Those floors, though... *sighs*

    4. Ollie's claws running around that gorgeous floor, though; Uh-Oh! I'm sure Tami adores that floor; reflection of her hair from the shine.

  3. That island looks so great!

    Also, those Splash Mountain pictures were beyond awesome!

  4. Is Ollie short for oleander?
    Also please tell me that you havent completely moved in. You know, boxes in garage that still need to be unpacked. We purchased our house around same time as you, and i have not gotten around to unpacking some things, but in my defense we moved from a much larger house and it doesnt help that my hubby enables my shopping addiction so i come home with new goodies every weekend. Omg why do i need 6 strollers?

  5. OK - what would be the benefit of suing yourself, anyway? I'm confused about why you'd even want to do that. So you can pay yourself the money you already have?

  6. SC -- The reason you might want to sue yourself is to obtain payment from another entity (i.e., an insurer) who is legally required to cover claims against you. In this case, the plaintiff/defendant is suing herself as the driver whose alleged negligence caused her husband's death. If she succeeds in proving her claims against herself, it will be her insurer, not herself, who will be on the hook for the pay-out.

    Here's another explanation of this idea might help clear things up (or might just confuse you more):