Thursday, July 16, 2015

Pictures from my Phone & Weekly Distractions

Last weekend I went on a much needed road trip to Jackson Wyoming with my home girls Anna and Emma. We also stopped in the-middle-of-nowhere-Idaho on the way to Jackson and forced our friend Jake into the car. I swear to you that I think I consumed over 100,000 calories in three days. I'm going to have to do ten Ironman races to avoid diabetes. But ya'll. The food is good in Jackson.

Anna emailed us last week to suggest some possible camping spots. Woman-after-my-own-heart Emma responded 20 seconds later with a link to the most comfortable resort turned up by the googles. I emphatically agreed. Glamping commenced two days later. Hashtag it's important to keep people in your life who "get it."

And now, your Pictures and Distractions.
High above Jackson Wyoming and the Grand Tetons.

With Jake.

My homies.

I couldn't get him to try it on.

Hiking around Jenny Lake.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

Don't kiss your chicken. Thanks, Molly.

People are not happy about the prohibition against kissing chickens. Thanks, Corrie.

Cats with Donald Trump hair. Thanks, Nancy.

Feral cats at Disneyland. Thanks, Gail.

Felines of New York. Thanks, Sherry.

When tourists are annoying. Thanks, Cara.

The amazing Copenhagen wheel. Thanks, Trestyn.

An interesting tiny camper. Thanks, Brian.

Pluto is awesome. Thanks, Jack.

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  1. The Queen of Colors strikes fear into the CDC! That should have been the headline for the kissing chickens. How bored must you be to go around kissing chicken?

  2. You can't just say you ate food in Jackson, you have to tell us WHERE you ate. That's like saying you went to a theme park in California but not mentioning which one. I go to Jackson a couple times a year just to eat in a town with a real food scene, as opposed to Logan which is depressing as hell for a foodie. Which glamping place did you go to, the one in Wilson or the new one by the village?

    1. i.e., how can The Suzzzz stalk you until you propose if you don't tell us the exact places you frequent?

    2. All the nopes. My family has a title company and a VRBO townhome in Jackson and we like to give to referrals to people. Any time people talk about experiences in Jackson I mine it for information to pass on to clients and guests.

  3. I went to Yellowstone with my family several years ago. We're a family of five from Arkansas, and we decided to drive up, camp for a week, then head home. We three​ teenage​ kids were crammed in the back with luggage and camping gear, and the Denali was pulling a camper. (I think we Got about 6 miles per gallon the whole trip.) I ​probably​ I slept for about 16 hours of the 18 hour drive up there, waking only to eat and use the restroom.

    The trip was beautiful, and the whole time I was there I wanted to see a moose. We saw Grizzly bears, Black bears, elk, bison, coyotes, mountain lions; basically every animal in the Northwest EXCEPT moose. ​The QoC even decided to borrow our camper for a night (we locked ourselves in the truck and didn't sleep a wink--talk about a terrifying night). ​On the 18 hour drive home, we stopped in Jackson Hole because we had heard great things about the town. It seemed a big geared towards tourists​​, and we​ left disappointed. As we headed out of town, I snuggled back down into my cocoon of blanket, pillow, and uncomfortable leather seat and started to doze. Just as I got comfortable enough to sleep​ without a sibling's elbow poking my back​, my dad slams on the breaks and yells, "​A​ moose!" We pulled over, and off in this field was a giant moose just standing there. We ​spent about 5 minutes taking​ lots of pictures ​and wondering why no other cars were slowing down to take pictures ​before my stepmom realized it wasn't moving. At all. Turns out, it was just a statue. We had even pulled over in a spot on the side of the road where other gullible travelers had​ worn in a pull-off.

    To this day, about 5 or 6 years later, my family (who ALL fell for the trick, mind you) still like to make fun of me for falling for it. Ugh. When we got home and told our friends, several said they fell for the same trick.​

  4. Southern-speak spelling lesson: y'all, as in "you all," not ya'll. <3

    1. Thank you!!! :D As a Southern girl, that drives me crazy! It's just a conjunction, people. Don't over-think it!! hahaha!

    2. And the plural is All Y'all, right?

    3. BUT YOU WRITE IT!!!!

    4. When he writes, he writes "You guys."

    5. Almost. The plural is "all of y'all." And yes, y'all is a contraction, hence the apostrophe after the Y.

  5. I'm really confused by the "Don't Kiss Your Chicken" article. The last line says "Mother's milk is the safest food for young infants. Breastfeeding prevents salmonellosis and many other health problems.". I have to stop giving my children the breast milk from chickens?