Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Top Ten Most Viewed Stranger Posts of 2016

Just Because
We have somehow made it to Stranger's second to last post of 2016. I'll send you some final thoughts at the end of the week in my 2016 post. Today I give you The Top Ten Most Viewed Stranger Posts from this year.

This list never turns out how I think it's going to. And it has become one of my favorite December traditions to take a walk down memory lane and visit what you seemed to like (or hate) most.

I had a lot of good times with you in 2016. And I mostly just threatened you with Tami without actually assaulting you. So I think my favorability ratings are probably up from last year. (Shooting for 12%).

Before we get to the good stuff, some stats for you:

Number of times you complained about comment moderation: 7 billion

Number of times Awesomesauciness reminded us how old she is: 146

Number of times I wanted Awesomesauciness to come live me: 146

Number of times you made fun of my typos: Eleventy

Number of times someone wore a June Snapple t-shirt to a PTA meeting: I don't know but I really hope at least once. Please? Someone? Anyone?

Number of times Rebecca accused me of "defaming a poor innocent half French Woman": 17

Number of days my hair was considered a national treasure: 365

And now:

The Top Ten Most Viewed Stranger Posts of 2016

10. Popcorn

It's a recent one. Certainly among my most embarrassing experiences of the year. And that's saying something because, well, I'm me. After being dragged to a party for which I was ill-dressed, I behaved like a monster at a public place. And it didn't go unnoticed.

9. A Colorado Wedding

I officiated and then photobombed my childhood best friend's wedding. And now the evidence is preserved for all mankind. These are the days of miracle and wonder.

8. There's Still Dancing

In a year of tragedy, I wrote some words of hope. I revisit this one myself whenever it's hard to feel hopeful. It's my own version of The Sound of Music's "My Favorite Things." Maybe I should try out Julie Andrews's haircut, circa 1960s.

7. Fan Mail

I messed with a hater who sent me a scathing email about my writing abilities, or lack thereof. I would like to formally apologize to Walmart.

7. 2016 Ironman St. George 70.3 (exact tie)

The race recaps always seem to make the yearly top ten. I think it's because you people like to mock my pain. ("LIFE IS PAIN, HIGHNESS.")

6. Episode 1: The World of Love

Strangerville's introduction to the world caught your attention and, thankfully, continues to do so. We are so happy you like it.

5. Yahoo! Answers XII

There was one addition to the Yahoo! Answers collection in 2016. And that addition made the top 5. It's only a matter of time before I'm kicked off of the Internets.

4. Wedding Dress Shopping

You love Rebecca, and so do I. Rebecca manipulated me into going shopping with her for a wedding dress. I think we can all agree that it's time for that lady to move back to Utah.

3. Hi. I'm Your New Neighbor 

I met a new neighbor and instantly fell in love. (She actually just dropped cookies by my house. She has no idea that she is one of the most popular Strangers of 2016.)

2. The Thing About Guns

Probably the most controversial thing I've ever written on Stranger, although I'm still not really sure why it should be. This one prompted a lot of thoughtful debate (and a lot of anger). I literally received emails (several) from people saying that I should be shot for suggesting that we shouldn't shut down conversation about gun regulation without listening first. I was surprised by this. And I learned a lot from the conversations the post spurred. I'm happy I posted it and proud of myself for voicing something that matters to me, even if the opinion is not popular in some groups. And I'm impressed (as always) by the beautiful maturity of our Stranger community to laugh together when things are funny, to cry together when things are not so funny, and to engage with one another when things are serious. I love you.

1. Fuller House Came Out and It's Even Worse than You Imagined

I'm so proud that the most popular post of Stranger in 2016 (by nearly double) was about Full House. At the end of the day what we care about most is Uncle Jesse. And God bless us for that.

Any good Stranger memories you have from 2016? Share away!

~It Just Gets Stranger


  1. My favorite thoughtful post from this year was "A Whole Lot of People Voted" and then "Transitions". Both of those posts brought a lot of peace to my mind & heart. Particularly the sections that remind us that people get upset because they care, and what they care about are the people they love, and we're all basically in the same boat of caring even if we forget that. (That's a whole lot of paraphrasing there). Or at least how I understood it :)

    The stranger community is so great. Proud to be a "long time reader, occasionally commenting" part of it :)

    1. Same! The election posts were my favorite from this year. They put me at ease in a way that nothing else really could. Thank you for those.

    2. Also my favorites this year!

  2. Oh, and I *do* wear my June Snapple shirt to public events. Have yet to find another fellow stranger. I sort of expect that I'll run into Lee or The Suzzzzzzzzzz somwhere, although I'm pretty sure they're not in Utah.

    1. I'm in Utah. I think Lee is in Canada or the North Pole or somewhere like that.

  3. I remember them all, and love them all. I'm a little confused in the #7 Fan Mail link. The Strangerville fan mail is hilarious, but it's not the one where you gave Walmart's number to that fool who dared mess with you....

    Okay I have spent more time than I had available looking for the post I'm thinking of, with no luck yet. I will not give up. Do you know what I'm talking about here??

    1. Good catch. Apparently I titled TWO posts "Fan Mail" this year. I think this officially means that Stranger is running out of blog post titles. I'm going to start referring to every new entry as "Tami 1" "Tami 2" etc.

      I have fixed this. You may sleep in peace now.

  4. I'd wear my June Snapple t-shirt to a PTA meeting, but since I don't have kids that might be a little creepy.

  5. What day was your hair not on point? There were 366 days this year (Leap Year).

    1. July 24th. I try not to outshine Tami on her birthday.

    2. I was going to ask the same thing.

    3. See, I was thinking your hair number should be...carry the one...not good with the maths...417? Every day and twice on Sunday.

    4. I must have missed something, because I had no idea that Tami's birthday is on July 24, which also happens to be my birthday. I had been proud that my birthday is on Pioneer Day, but now I'm slightly disconcerted...

  6. awesomesauciness here...can't post from my phone using my WordPress flugelbinder thingy, because OLD. But, Eli, I think you want me to come live with you because you know I will never leave the house, so you can never be locked out. Unless I lock you out because I've forgotten who you are. Because, OLD.

    On a serious note, our Princess is gone and 2016 can suck it. *sniffle* I demand Bowie back. I'm not saying he held the fabric of the universe together, but notice what's happened since he
    left? Just sayin'..

    1. It's truly terrible. I've been listening to Paul Simon's songs that he wrote about her on repeat for 2 days.

    2. i'm trying not to be a pathetic mess of soggy fandom, but i'm terribly sad that someone who embodies such an important part of my youth died. i saw Star Wars SEVEN TIMES that summer it came out. how a 14-year-old afforded that, i can't remember (must've babysat my tail off that year). y'all, i named my HORSE Leia. and i don't even say y'all. :-(

  7. So, um...which day was your hair not the best? Because there were 366 days in 2016. ;-)