Thursday, January 12, 2017

Pictures from my Phone & Weekly Distractions

Probably because I look super hot in jean shorts, we had an amazing response to Monday's announcement of our Strangerville Live show. So amazing, in fact, that we sold out tickets in about a day. Fortunately we were able to secure a much larger (and cooler) space at Impact Hub that will be able to accommodate a sexier Stranger crowd (I always say, the more Strangers, the sexier the room. Twice up the barrel, once down the side).

We are on our way to selling out that larger space, too, and since the University of Utah football stadium is not available on February 23, we are going to have to cap out with this venue. SO, if you want to be there for the show, you should probably not wait to get tickets. We will sell at the door, if there are any left, but please don't count on that. Once we sell out, we won't be able to let anyone else in, and it would break June Snapple's heart if we had to turn anyone away at the door.

Also, because my hair looks so good today, I've decided to have a raffle. Leave a comment about Trixy Meowman or The Queen of Colors on this post and include your name. I'll draw at random and give two tickets to the winner (and if you already purchased, I'll comp your tickets or give you two extra so you can bring more friends--whichever you prefer). Honor system here. Please only enter for yourself and only one time. Give everyone an equal chance. It's what Oprah would want. I'll announce the winner next week.

And now, your Pictures & Distractions:
Taking a walk through Westminster campus.

I tweeted.

So Matt got this Airbnb request.

This is how the Pantses eat their dinner together. There are no rules in this house. 

"Don't even think about stopping those belly rubs."

Mr. Pants fell asleep hanging over the couch while he watched me work at the kitchen table and the whole world exploded. 

Just looking for some cats.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

Our latest TV & Jelly podcast episode, reviewing La La Land and other garbage with which we rot our minds.

Spamusement. What the actual hell. Thanks, Judy.

This guy cannot stop photoshopping himself into Kendall Jenner's Instagram photos. Thanks, Krishelle.

The iconic California tree tunnel topples in a storm. Thanks, Brian.

How American tourists are viewed in other countries. Thanks, Krishelle.

Coffee shop witch prank. Thanks, Tory.

Since we're all talking about her anyway, 43 Meryl Streep performances ranked. Thanks, Jackie.

19 travel hacks found on Pinterest. Thanks, Mags.

Come join us on Imzy and find me on the Instagrams as eliwmccann.

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~It Just Gets Stranger


  1. No one know the gender of the q of c.

  2. I have introduced my husband to IJGS. Every time we would see a rooster statue (there are a surprising amount around) he would yell,"Look, the KING of Colors!". He because it was a rooster it was a King and hens were Queens of Color. Don't worry, I've corrected him now.

  3. If the Queen of Colors and Tami had a baby, I bet it would have Trixy Meoman's eyes.

  4. I'd risk kissing the QoC for some tickets. Unfortunately, unless the come with airfare from Florida they would be wasted on me!

    UGH! I really hope there will be video of the sexier Stranger crowd....

  5. Trixy Meowman for president.

  6. What was the ending of the Queen of C?

  7. I voted the Queen of Colors for president.

    Also, please PLEASE tell me Matt accepted that Airbnb request.

  8. Trixy Meowman is my spirit animal. (Helen J.)

  9. I already bought tickets but if I get two more I promise I WON'T bring the Queen of Colors.

  10. Trixy Meowman is the George Glass to my Jan.

  11. The Queen of Colors has minions EVERYWHERE!

  12. I live in Texas, so I won't comment on Trixie, Tami, or the QofC, sadly. However, I have to mention that (1) the Spamusement link is missing the .com extension, and (2) PLEASE have links open in another window rather than in the same window so that I can easily go back to Stranger and moon over photos of the Pants boys.

  13. I'm Britni and thanks to Eli, I now have a VERY RATIONAL fear of chickens, queens, colors, and any combination of the three. But especially the combination of all three. (Hi, Britni). My neighbor has chickens. I jump in fear every time I hear them clucking! Free tickets would be an excellent compensation for my emotional trauma.

  14. All this time, Eli, I thought we were friends. But nooooooo, you have to go and do your live show during a time I can't possibly get to Utah for it. So mean. I think you should come to California two days after the show for my 40th (gasp!) birthday party.

  15. Maybe the Queen of Colors goes for the head because she wants to be sure no one ever has better hair than her. You are right to be afraid.

  16. Has Trudy met Mr Pants? I get the feeling she would not approve.