Thursday, May 18, 2017

Pictures from my Phone & Weekly Distractions

Meg went out of town but before she did she asked me if I would watch the premiere of The Bachelor next week and recap it on TV & Jelly. You guys. I, Eli Whistletown McCann, have never watched one second of The Bachelor. I feel like I'm going to need therapy after Monday. The only thing I know about the show is what I've read from Meg's recaps. And those aren't exactly informative. Are there rules? Do they follow the rules? Meg tried to send me a few links to some sites that apparently explain what the hell but I told her if she assaults me with any more Bachelor material, I will block her on Facebook.

Also, it's my birthday. So tell me you love me or I'll send you Tami in a box. I have all of your addresses.

And now, your Pictures & Distractions:
Teddy is really stealing the show here. 

Mr. Doodle playing with his cousin, Macy. 

Stranger Picture of the Week
Thanks, Cara

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

My recap of Survivor this week.

Some sad news about Palau.

Side-by-side photos of people over 100 compared with their younger selves. Thanks, Stephanie.

Animals that look like they're about to drop an album. Thanks, Michelle.

An awesome ice-skating routine. Thanks, Sarah.

Some news about Leotrix. Thanks, Angela.

I don't even know. Thanks, Haley.

A very important petition. Thanks, Hannah.

Animals with fabulous hair. Thanks, Daniel.

Catspiracy. Thanks, Lexie.

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  1. Happy birthday you silly, silly man. And of course we love you. Your hair alone is a national treasure.

  2. Happy birthday!!!

    And wow. This paragraph from the Palau health crisis article was pretty shocking: "We may have gotten better at treating some aspects of diabetes thanks to insulin injection therapies developed in the last century. But as the world's diet gets richer, and its population becomes more inactive, so many people have developed diabetes—422 million in 2014, up from 108 million in 1980—that according to the New England Journal of Medicine, 'we are arguably worse off now' than we were in the 1800s."


    Also - Teddy may steal the show in that first pic but that fourth pic of Mr. Doodle destroys any props Teddy gained in the first one.

    And I'm pretty sure you deserve all of those Bachelor links after making Meg recap TWO Survivors . . . .

    1. I will tell Mr. Doodle and hope it doesn't go to his dogmodel head.

  4. Happy birthday!

    I love you!

    Hug Casper for me, if you can bring yourself to do it. EVEN IF YOU CAN'T BRING YOURSELF TO DO IT, DO IT ANYWAY.

    Also, pat Tami on the head for me, although that one is not required.

  5. Happy Birthday! Mr. Doodle is a perfect creature. I am so jealous of you.

  6. Your work is an inspiration to all, Eli. Cudos2U for surviving the 8,273 years you've roamed this earth. Just keep doing your job and filling my boredom-filled days with entertainment.

  7. Your work is an inspiration to all, Eli. Cudos2U for surviving the 8,236 years you've roamed this earth. Keep up the good work of keeping my days filled updates on shows I've never watched (*cough*survivor*cough*).