Thursday, July 13, 2017

Pictures from my Phone & Weekly Distractions

I swear to you I'm going camping this weekend. I KNOW. This basically isn't even America anymore. I've been writing Stranger for hundreds of years now and during that time I have alerted you no less than 75 thousand and eleventy times that camping is a lie perpetrated by the Chinese to make us all communists. And I know that it's basically unconstitutional that I would do this more than once. AND I'M SORRY OK?!

Please enjoy some Pictures & Distractions:
Post-work snuggles.

Raspberry harvest season is alive and well at my house. 

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

More chicken shaming. Thanks, Elizabeth.

Sesame Street meets Beastie Boys. Thanks, Michelle.

And that way no one can tell if you've gained weight. Thanks, Michael.

Best Craigslist ads AND A HUGE TIME SUCK BEWARE! Thanks, Ryan.

We got some new pictures of Jupiter and they are amazing. Thanks, Claire.

The first object teleported to Earth's orbit. Thanks, Claire.

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~It Just Gets Stranger


  1. I enjoyed this post. You were funny, yet didn't attack anyone. Good job!

  2. I'm a big dog person. But that picture of Mr. Doodle snuggling with you may have just converted me.

  3. Eli. Your ancestors did not figure out how to build houses for you to just go be homeless in the mountains. Think about George Washington and all of his sacrifices and decide whether camping is really worth it to you to make him cry.

  4. Michelle is the person of the week. Thank you for introducing me to that wonder.

  5. That Craigslist ad about the adopted dog was so sweet