Sunday, February 4, 2018


Last week was Duncan's adoption day (how has it been a year already omg you people are getting so old). I totally forgot about it because I was in the process of working eleventy million hours so it was really bad timing for a milestone.

Then Matt texted me and was like "if you loved Duncan you would invite me and Ollie over for dinner tonight and throw a huge party and feed us" and I would have been annoyed with Matt's attempts to manipulate me if I wasn't already in the middle of drafting a text to him that said "what time did you say you were coming over tonight to install all of the baseboards in my basement" despite the fact that he definitely never agreed to do that.

When I got the text from Matt reminding me that it was Duncan's adoption day I felt bad that I forgot because his adoption day is more important than his birthday because we didn't make it up (sorry, Duncan, but your mom was a floozy and didn't keep records so we don't know exactly when you left Jesus to come to this world. You are also probably related to 25% of all living poodles so it's really good that we didn't try to breed you.).

Fortunately I hadn't walked out the door for work yet so I was able to go and take Duncan's front two paws into my quivering hands so that I could look him directly in his eyes as I embarked on a seven-minute monologue about how much I love him and how happy I am that he's in my life and what I remember about picking him up from a lady who smelled like horse poop and one gentle tear floated down the side of my face while this was happening and I'm pretty sure Duncan comprehended every word omg i'm so lonely.

Then I texted Meg because the story I wanted to produce for Strangerville this week isn't ready yet so I wanted to know if she had any stories ready to go and she said she did and then she sent me THE SADDEST DOG STORY EVER so the point is that Meg has terrible timing.

But amazing story-telling skills.

So it's a wash.

Please check out and enjoy today's Strangerville.

This time in Strangerville, Meg Morley Walter shares a tragic story about a young puppy. Also, Disneyland corndogs.


Max, by Meg Morley Walter, music by Colin Hatch 
(originally produced by Derrick Clements for The Porch)

~It Just Gets Stranger


  1. Beautiful story Meg, and Eli, my condolences that you are unable to enjoy the best corndogs in the world! Corndogs are one of my favorite junk foods.

  2. Happy Welcome Home Day, Duncan!

  3. Thank you for that warning about the episode! Beautiful story.

  4. So I just cried for a dog named Max whom I've never met.

  5. LOVE the Strangerville format this year and that episodes are happening more frequently.

  6. I'm gonna apologize right now for this stupidly long comment because all my plans for tonight cancelled and now I'm procrastinating all the stuff I procrastinated all weekend because if I don't practice I'll never become a master procrastinator and I believe in discipline when it comes to avoiding building self discipline. So yeah, I have no life.

    OK the email thing gave me anxiety, seriously anxiety. I'm OCD about email and text messages because I hate when they pile up becajse I feel like I have to burn my life down and start over.

    We actually lost my older sister at Disneyland. We found her at the Peter Pan ride, apparently (and I don't know if this is still the case) at the time if a kid was lost they just let them ride whatever ride they were at over and over until someone came looking for them.

    Eli I think you need to find World's Best Corndogs Love Truck and do some immersion therapy. I had one on Saturday at Crystal Hot Springs and it was Ah-mazing. Start with the battered, deep fried cheese on a stick and work your way up to the footlong corndog. I should have just had the corndog and drove back to Logan because at one point I got out of one of the pools and found someone else's bandaid stuck to my right leg and a wad of someone else's hair stuck to my left leg. Speaking of vomit...I'm actually starting to look forward to the vomit stories. Maybe because most of my childhood stories involve massive amounts of vomit, it helps to laugh at other people's vomit nightmares.

    And dammit you guys you can't make me laugh then cry then laugh again. Seriously, I can't take any more sad dog stories right now. When your dog has cancer everyone likes to tell you stories about the horrific way their dog died. It makes you paranoid. Now every time I walk into the house and see Molly laying on the floor I have to stare to see if she's still breathing before I can get my breath back. So that's fun.

    1. Oh dear! I'm sorry that Molly is so sick! Molly is an adorable name btw.

    2. Thanks Sarah. The week after Thanksgiving things got really scary and they found a huge hermangiosarcoma on her liver and gallbladder and hepatic artery. The vet told me she probably had 2-4 weeks to live. I put her on a ketogenic diet and did everything he recommended. 3 weeks ago I took her in for a follow up visit and the vet was shocked at how well she was doing, he even blurted out at one point "I can't believe she's not dead!". I figure any time I have left after she nearly bled out internally two months ago is bonus time and I'm making the most of it. Her full name is Molly the Wonder Dog, or MWD for short. It's not like Wonder Woman, it's more like "I wonder how she is still alive" because she is not the sharpest tool in the shed and has a tendency to slip her collar to go play in traffic.

    3. Oh sorry to hear about MWD. My own crazy girl, The Outlaw Joseybelle (or Josey for short), has been told repeatedly that she can NEVER die. I will not survive it. Of that I am certain. Hugs to you and snuggles to Molly.

    4. Awesomesauciness you are the best adopted internet grandma a girl could hope for, thanks. I tell Molly several times a day that she's not allowed to die, I think it's working. I used to make fun of obsessive pet owners to doted on their animals and now I AM that person. I cook her breakfast every morning, at night before I go to bed I sit on the floor next to her and read out loud from whatever book I'm reading at the time.

    5. Oh Molly, (the suzzzzz can read this comment to you) now you have a whole group of internet strangers holding their breaths hoping you take another. It’s a bittersweet thing, loving a dog.

    6. Thank you Amy. I think the thing about dogs is that they are better than humans. It's easy to love them, even when they are being naughty, because they love back unconditionally. When Molly passes I don't think I can get another dog, it's too hard letting go, I don't think I'm strong enough to go through this again.

    7. Suzzzz, I read somewhere that every time we lose a beloved pet and our heart breaks, it makes it just a little larger so we can make room for another. It's achingly hard to lose your fur babies, but there are so many needing wonderful, amazing moms like you. If/when Molly passes, take time to heal, but then please consider honoring MWD by opening your slightly-larger-broken-heart to another furbaby who needs you.

      Love and hugs from Texas! Tracy

  7. I listened to this on my commute on public transportation. There were public tears and a nearly audible sob.