Sunday, December 9, 2018

Some Really Bad Music

Meg's full-time job is as a writer for Well, that and mob boss. And serial killer. And thermal underwear model. If you can believe it, none of those jobs are even remotely related.

A few months ago she texted me and was like "YOU HAVE TO WRITE AN ARTICLE FOR THE BEEHIVE IN DECEMBER" and I was like "what if I say no" and she was like "I'M PREGNANT YOU CAN'T SAY NO OR IT'S A HATE CRIME" and I was like "well I chose to be gay so you can't yell at me because that's a hate crime" and she was like "I WILL MURDER YOU IN YOUR SLEEP IF YOU DON'T DO THIS" and I was like "you're pregnant. I can outrun you" and she was like "THEN I WILL HAVE ONE OF MY PEOPLE DO IT" and I was like "fine. Don't get your thermal panties in a wad. I'll do it." So I guess I'm basically saying that as it turns out those above-listed jobs actually are related.

What then happened is I spent a sad amount of time on the internet listening to music that is so bad that the internet later sent me an apology letter and a dozen red roses, which was thoughtful but also kind of confusing because I wasn't looking for another romantic relationship in my life, plus I'm pretty sure it's seeing a lot of other people.

I listened to the bad music because I decided to write a review of some songs that came from Utah. I wanted people to know what we've lived through here, and how Orrin Hatch is nearly solely to blame. And now I'm worried that he might send people after me. But it's better than Meg's people, which mostly consist of other pregnant women who are mad at me for no reason.

The review was published last week. I decided that a version of it would work really well as a Strangerville episode because you need to really hear the music to understand how important the apology letter and dozen red roses were to me. So, this week, please enjoy truly one of my favorite things we've produced in Strangerville history ifIdosaysomyself.

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And pray to all of the gods for Preg Walter, who is about to become Meg Walter any day now.

This time in Strangerville, Meg conducts her personal business on our time. And Eli reviews truly the worst music you will ever hear in your life. No apologies.
Utah’s Great Musicians, by Eli McCann
Produced by Eli McCann & Preg Walter

~It Just Gets Stranger


  1. So - I'm uber excited because for once I actually listened to the Podcast before I read about it in the blog. I'm a complete dork.

    Also - I think the people at the gym might think there is something medically wrong with me due to the look that was on my face listening to that Rainbow song. #Holymotherofgodcanwesayracism?

  2. I listened to the podcast last night while I was working and I've never been so simultaneously enraged and entertained. The write up was good but adding the music took it to the seventh circle of hell.

    At least Meg is prepared to have this baby right before Christmas. One of my aunts was having her 5th baby and was due about a week before Christmas and decided she didn't want to do anything before the baby was born because she was SURE the baby would come early. So she waited...and waited...and waited. My aunt went into labor on Christmas Eve. Her husband called my mom in a panic because they didn't have presents for the other kids or a tree. So my mom and dad and my mom's mother all had to scramble to take care of the kids, decorate the house, and buy gifts and get the wrapped. The last one was a challenge because this was Logan in the 70's and most businesses closed early on Christmas Eve. But they made it just in time.

    1. OMG I can't imagine putting off stuff like shopping for my other kids just because my baby is due. I would have been shopping wayyyy before December and got it all done in advance. Yikes.

    2. She was really miserable the entire pregnancy and all her other kids had come early so she thought she'd have more time, and then I think pregnancy brain/denial took over. Plus it was the early 70's in Northern Utah, most people didn't shop for Christmas gifts or get a tree here until right before Christmas. There wasn't Black Friday deals, online shopping, and the Christmas media blitz was smaller (mostly because every only had the same 10 tv channels) and didn't start until December.

      As for me, I'm a total grinch. I dislike the consumerism immensely and it permeates EVERYTHING. I don't particularly like receiving gifts and I hate giving gifts out of obligation. Since my divorce 6 years ago I haven't decorated once...mostly because I'm never home and I live alone and partly because lazy and don't care.

  3. Best. Strangerville. Ever. EVER.

  4. So I'm wondering, Eli, why is this going to be your family's last Christmas together?

    1. It's not - it's his last Christmas with Skylar who will leave him after being exposed to this event for the first time. . . .

  5. Thank you, Strangerville! I had no idea what I was going to get for several people on my Christmas list, and NOW I KNOW. Merry Orrin Hatch Christmas, everyone! Orrin Hatchmas! I'm off to hang Orrinaments on my tree!

  6. I have had America Rocks! stuck in my head the entire week. It’s like right there at the top of my list of favorite songs right now!!! I also sent it to my sister, her husband is in the military and they’re pretty patriotic. Her husband’s response was “dangit, Rachel!” and hers was “How did you even find this???” — thank you for introducing such beauty into our lives.

  7. Thanks to you, I've been listening to Binge Mode: Harry Potter for what seems like months, which has led to rereading all the books and rewatching the movies.

    Anyway, I took a break from all things Harry Potter to catch up on the last few Strangerville podcasts (yes, I was totally cheating on you with Binge Mode, but I like to think we can get through this because really it was all your fault). I have to admit that I don't think these songs are THAT horrible. They're pretty catchy, and a small part of me kind of wants to buy some Orrin Hatch albums now. I'm going to blame my lapse in musical judgment on an overload of emotions from listening to too much Binge Mode.