Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Game of Thrones

Skylar: Do you want to watch Game of Thrones with me?

Eli: I'd rather be eaten by warlocks.

Skylar: Joke's on you because there aren't warlocks in the show.

Eli: Well what does Game of Thrones have?

Skylar: Zombies.

Eli: That has to be a lie.

Skylar: Well, technically they aren't zombies, they're whi--

Eli: Stop. I know the fact that I've now given you upwards of 10 seconds of my time for this conversation probably makes you think I care, but I truly don't.

Skylar: Just come watch it with me while I file the divorce papers. I'll even let you ask me which one is Dumbledore.

Eli: You can't divorce me because we aren't married yet and I've passed my prime so I can't find anyone else.

Skylar: Pleeeaaaaaassse. I don't want to watch it by myself.

Eli: I don't even know what it's about.

Skylar: So, there's this queen lady and zombies and various lords and they're all fighting for the iron throne--

Eli: Is that like the Iron Lady?

Skylar: Will that make you more or less likely to watch?

Eli: More.

Skylar: Then . . . yes. But less Alzheimer's. And there are dragons.

Eli: Do the dragons eat people?

Skylar: They have from time to time but that's not a major plot point.

Eli: Then why are they there?

Skylar: Because they're the tanks of the rightful ruling family led by [some name I don't even know ask Skylar].

Eli: Deloras Tegardian?

Skylar: Yeah . . . you've pretty much got it.

Eli: What year does it take place?

Skylar: It doesn't.

Eli: It doesn't isn't an answer to a "what year" question.

Skylar: Yes it is.

Eli: No it's not. This is just like when people say "good luck" to you and you respond "I will."

Skylar: It doesn't take place in any particular year because it's fantasy.

Eli: Just tell me a year.

Skylar: 1994.

Eli: Ok, so Deloras Tegardian is fighting Meryl Streep with dragon tanks right around the year Forrest Gump came out and there are zombies and at some point Dumbeldore?

Skylar: Yeah, that's basically it.

Eli: Your show sounds really stupid.

Skylar: Oh, and lots and lots of boobs.

Eli: Do you know who you're talking to here?

Now he's ignoring me.

~It Just Gets Stranger


  1. That chair looks incredibly comfortable. So do Skylar's boots. I am with you on not watching Game of Thrones. Not with pride, or because I don't want to be "hip". I just had trouble getting into it and sticking with it. I do feel that the excess of bare breasts would be a strange thing to act as a lure to get you to watch, though.

    Good luck with the silent treatment!

  2. Sitting at my desk at working cracking up. You are me asking my boyfriend about Game of Thrones. He's read all the books and watched every season. I watched half of the first episode, and got bored/confused and wandered away.

  3. I won't pay to watch Game of Thrones - but I'm totes into fantasy and dragons so when it finally hits Netflix you won't hear from my for 2 weeks.

    1. Sadly, I don't think it'll ever hit Netflix. Butttt, you can always sign up for a 1 month free trial of HBO after this last season airs and binge it!


    3. That is a good idea but it has how many episodes. I don't think one month would be enough. Maybe if you got a month...another roomate gets it for a month and so on. Its not stealing if they offer a free month. Just several people are taking advantage.

    4. Hmmm - this might be the way I need to go. I watched 76 episodes of Friday Night Lights in 3 weeks (while being a mom and working 2 jobs) - so I think I might be able to do it in a month. If not - I could sign my husband up next. How do they determine if it's the same person? Between the three people in my house we have about 15 different email addresses and at least 7 credit cards . . . .

  4. It really doesn't. Skylar's "1994" answer makes me like him even more than I already did, though.

  5. SHOULD YOU BE CONCERNED that your presumably gay fiancé thought boobs would be a selling point to you?


    But it's not just boobs if you get my drift!

    It's amazing character development and breathtaking scenery and the best graphics ever seen on TV. What did you think I meant??

    Oh, yes, that too!

  7. I have zero opinions about Game of Thrones, but my first thought when seeing the picture of Skylar was "Don't sit on the chair like that! You're going to ruin the cushion."