Thursday, April 25, 2019

Pictures from my Phone & Weekly Distractions

I came home and found that my rhubarb plant, which I'm convinced could survive a nuclear blast on Venus during Coachella, has basically filled my backyard. So I chopped up a bunch of it and boiled it in some carrot juice (#juicing #newyearnewme), sugar, and cinnamon for many moons and now I think it's jam? I don't know. It's still a little soupy, but the internet says it will thicken as it cools. I think. It's delicious, and that's what matters.

The point is, Skylar just informed me that he's going to write on my tombstone "I didn't really follow a recipe" because I say the phrase so often and because he thinks it perfectly sums up my life. I can't tell if that's sweet or insulting. But also, it's adorable that he thinks he's going to outlive me.

And now, your Pictures & Distractions:
We always just take the nicest pictures together. 

Afternoon bike ride up Little Mountain

On a long run in Vancouver Washington

Early morning run around my neighborhood

Looking for the Easter bunny at Aunt Anna's house

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

We received some sad news about Charity Sunshine Tillemann-Dick this week. Please enjoy a Strangerville special, replaying an updated version of her inspiring story.

Meg did God's work in writing my favorite food review of all time this week.

On Hive Mind we yelled about our favorite classic teen movies.

Are you caught up on our Mormon Films series? If not, you should listen. The finale comes out this weekend. Part I. Part II. Part III.

Scared Straight, by Shayne Smith. Thanks, Catherine.

You guys, my birthday is in three weeks. Thanks, Sarah.

An honest call with your bank (language warning). Thanks, Michael.

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  1. I was gonna be real mad if Meg didn't mention or even love Porcupine's nachos. I crave them from here in Denver. In fact, my sister in law and I have a tradition, every time I come to SL for Strangerville, of going to Porcupine after the show specifically to share the nachos. Meg, you are a girl after my own heart. Join us next time.

  2. I'm jealous of your rhubarb plants - I have two that don't give me nearly enough rhubarb and I want 10 more but my husband thinks that would be overkill.

  3. If you are ever in Memphis, order some barbecue nachos from Central BBQ. They are legit in the top 5 list of things we miss about living there.

  4. Eli. Eli. ELI!!!! I have found the perfect t-shirt for you. Please let me know if decide to fill your closet with this and only this shirt.

  5. Dude. The only thing better than nachos are tachos (tater tot nachos). I could each nachos every meal of most every day.

    Thank you for letting me know where I need to go if ever I am in SLC.

  6. The fact that I'm sitting here in Minnesota, reading about nachos in Utah in Meg's voice, and fully enjoying it! It just goes to show how willing I am to be distracted. Good job guys!

  7. I have a new distraction for you that I think will change your Christmas (or any other gift-giving occasion).

    In fact, you probably don't have to give these as gifts. Just make a bunch for yourself.