Tuesday, March 3, 2020


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Eli: Did you hear we have to start washing our hands?

Skylar: Uh . . .

Eli: Yeah. There's like a super contagious disease going around right now so we have to wash our hands after we touch stuff like the bathroom door handle and payphones.

Skylar: Are you . . . using payphones?

Eli: You really need to educate yourself. This thing is bad. We really have to start washing our hands.

Skylar: No, I'm aware of the Corona Virus. But I'm concerned about the word "start"--

Eli: And coughing and stuff. Like, you have to be extra careful not to cough on people right now because there's like a 50% chance of dying if you catch this.

Skylar: Well, no. Actually--

Eli: It's basically worse than Ebola. And Smallpox. And tetanus.

Skylar: Definitely not true.

Eli: It's not worse than tetanus or diabetes?

Skylar: Wait, do you think diabetes is contag--

Eli: I can't believe this is all happening on the week I've decided to do a juice cleanse.

Skylar: You do realize you're eating a block of cheese right now.

Eli: Do you think my juice cleanse will make me more or less likely to catch Coronapox?

Skylar: Where do I even start with answering this question . . .

Eli: I kind of want to make brownies but I'm worried that would completely undermine all of the benefits of my juice cleanse.

Skylar: Well, I guess you could just eat the batter. That's basically brownie juice.

Eli: OMG you are a genius and my soulmate.

Skylar: I was completely mocking you and not at all proposing that seriously.,

Eli: Well you better stop mocking me or I won't give you any of these brownies.

Skylar: No! I'm sorry!

Eli: Fine. You can have some. But only if you wash your hands. Apparently we have to start doing that now.


~It Just Gets Stranger


  1. My daughter and I are coming to SL! But, what if we catch the Corona Virus while we're there? Do we get a lifetime supply of snuggies? Apparently you quickly die of the virus so that would only be like 1 snuggie apiece. Between my daughter and me that's 2 whole snuggies! So I guess I'd be crazy NOT to catch the virus there!

    1. I want snuggies! We deserve snuggies! (Sick of being sick in Belarus)

    2. The good thing about Snuggies is their warranty is 200 years so one should last you for several generations.

  2. Is that all we are missing?
    Because, seriously, I am tired of the coronpox in our house!
    Good to know...such a service you provide!

  3. Oh how I've missed conversation posts.

  4. I'm officially starting a brownie batter juice cleanse today! Thanks Skylar!!

  5. Does this mean cookie dough is a pulpy cookie juice??? Yay!

    1. I just quoted you in a No Context Quote of the day group on FB. This is awesome.

  6. OMG! I have missed the conversation banter!