Thursday, October 15, 2020


Meg is essentially a gay man on paper. I don't mean that she's a gay man on top of paper; I just mean that if you listed all of her qualities and interests on a piece of paper, you would assume she's a gay man named Garrett in West Hollywood. She's got all of the stereotypical interests and she tends to know celebrity hot goss that most gay men know but which I completely don't know. It's very confusing sometimes but also very impressive.

Probably the way she's the most Gay Man is her obsession with Halloween. I drove to her house recently and she had decked the place out like it was the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. She had two large skeletons sitting out on Adirondack chairs (yes, I know what those are now). I don't think it was even October yet. 

When we started contemplating upcoming content for The Beehive, Meg just kept screaming into the zoom call "MORE SPOOKY." We were like "but what about people who are scared" and she just cut us off with a high-pitched cackle that went uninterrupted until the zoom call timed out.

Since she's our scary mob boss we all immediately started writing ghost stories but that wasn't enough for her so she took to social media to ask people to tell us their spooky stories. We've been recording some for Strangerville and editing written pieces and researching accounts people have been sending to us and y'all, I'm basically up to my ears in spooky this month.

This week I wrote a story for The Beehive about how hard I've tried to get my faithless husband to believe in ghosts because he's wrongly dismissive about their existence. Please do me a solid and read that piece. Whenever you click on something I've written for The Beehive they immediately give me $250,000 and a gift certificate to JOANN Fabric. 

And then please come back here and tell me whether you believe in ghosts and whether you or anyone you know has seen one because I need to hear more. 

As a preemptive thank you for your cooperation, I hereby gift you this picture of my punkin.

 ~It Just Gets Stranger


  1. Spirits are 100% real. Believe.

  2. I have had peaceful experiences that are sacred to me surrounding encounters with spirits that have both given me faith in an afterlife and its hope for families. But. One spooky encounter I've had was in San Diego. We went to the Whaley House for their haunted house tour, in the middle of the day. They were telling us about doors mysteriously closing, people hearing whispers, things that are fun to hear about but that we didn't experience. Until. We were leaving the home and my mom goes "that was really cool, how they had old-timey music playing throughout the house!" Which she met with silence... Because none of us heard it! We asked the tour guide and she told us they don't play music! I've YouTubed the mansion and it's kind of fun watching their orb videos.

  3. Brother, you know I'll read every single piece of writing you'll ever create, be it ghost stories or the grocery list on the back of a toilet paper square.

    I read your ghost story a few times through and I got confused about who the ghost was. (I was also ignoring my three children screaming for supper, so, my attention was somewhat fractured.) Was the bad guy ghost supposed to be the original male Danish homeowner? And how / why were he and his wife killed?? Were they legit murdered and buried in the salt lake dessert? (Like, that part just makes me sad. :( )

  4. Is that green thing that looks like it's floating into Dunkin's mouth a ghost? Kind of like one of the ghost uncles from Casper?

  5. I DEFINITELY DON'T believe in ghosts!!!! if you are a ghost stop reading now please.

    *whispers* okay I actually do think that ghosts exist BUT that they can only affect your life if you allow them to, and a big no thank you to that. I do not under any circumstances want to be able to perceive ghosts, I don't want to experience any spooky phenomenon, I do not want to be confronted with whatever afterlife they are in, in any way, bc TERRIFYING. So I try not to believe in them so as to not give them any power in my life?

    So I do believe in ghosts but in such a way that every time ghost stories come up I make sure to announce with a very clear, loud thought that I DEFINITELY DO NOT believe in ghosts so that any ghosts around FREAKIN LEAVE ME ALONE.

    This is convoluted and I hope it made some sense. Wondering if anyone else thinks about ghosts in this way.

    1. SAME!! When my daughter was two she refused to go in the basement of our rented townhouse because she was scared of "The Boy". She wouldn't talk about the boy for a while and then she would randomly bring him up. One night she was laying next to me in bed and looked over my shoulder and said, "Mama, the boy is gonna get you." There are other stories but ever since we moved from that place I loudly state that "I DO NOT BELIEVE IN GHOSTS!!!"

  6. I definitely believe in ghosts. We have shared our house for the past 30 years with Mrs. Lindsey (the former owner who passed away at the age of 96), a Civil War soldier, a creepy red-eyed little boys, something in my basement(which doesn't like my son-in-law), and mostly recently, Patchouli Dude. The original portion of my house was built in 1851, so it comes as no surprise that we share the space with a few spirits. All 4 of our kids grew up playing with Mrs. Lindsey and now our grandkids do. I love living in a haunted house, wouldn't trade it for anything. My 2 best friends also share their homes with spirits, and our middle daughter & her family do as well.

  7. I had a spirit in my house throw a hot wheels at my head. We have had so many experiences in our home. My best friend and I have gone ghost hunting - we got an EVP when I asked "is it cold where you are" it said "yes". My husband took a picture of me and my bestie and we are partially see through in it. I totally belive!

  8. Yes. My daughter sees & used to play with some ghosts we had in a former home. She still sees certain ghosts & I am more likely to hear them and not see them. In our former home I came across 2 that blew apart when I got too close. One was chid sized. I think it might have been one of my daughter's friends at the time. However no ghost I have ever encountered has been mean or hostile.

  9. This is not related to spooky things (although I think ghosts are real for the record. No real reason other than I want them to be real), but I had a dream last night that I was at a lake and a whole bunch of bears came over to me and just were offering me cigars and slim jims. Here's the part where it gets relevant to you. So then, I went to the bank and you and Skylar were there and I started telling you about these cigar-sharing bears and Skylar was so unimpressed, but you (being Eli, of course) had like 90 other stories about weird interactions you'd had with bears and then we all got our lollipops at the bank (why else do you go to the bank?) and went our separate ways. If anyone on here can interpret dreams, I'd love to hear what this is actually about...

  10. I mean. My Mom had dead rockstars as her constant companions for like, over a decade! She could narrate everything they did and said. (Turns out it was a severe psychosis and a prescription sent them all away but hey, it was entertaining for a while....even if it did turn me into a major skeptic of spiritualism. Haha)

  11. I definitely lived in a haunted house for a few months in Virginia in my young adult days. I saw/heard/experienced things that I wouldn't believe if they hadn't happened to me and I don't expect anybody to believe them, but I know what I saw/ heard/experienced. And I found out later the house had an old plantation graveyard in the yard and had once been used as a battered women's shelter.