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Strangerville Live is primarily a storytelling show, produced by Eli McCann, Jolyn Metro, and Meg Walter. Strangerville Live events take place at Impact Hub in Salt Lake City quarterly where storytellers and musicians who have worked tirelessly for a few months on developing their act take the stage and entertain an audience of Strangers for an evening.

Our next Strangerville Live show will take place in Salt Lake City on September 8.  (You can follow us on Instagram at strangervillepodcast for updates).

In addition to appearances by Meg Walter and yours truly, our September 8 show will feature:


Co-creator of Strangerville, two-time Grantsville cartwheeler of the year, allergic to warm water.


Comedian, two-time Grantsville cartwheeling second-placer, able to snap on beat 60% of the time.


High school English teacher, cartwheel enthusiast (although has never engaged competitively), creator of the jungle-gym.


Creator of, New York Times best-selling author, probably going to enter the witness protection program after this is all over so she doesn't have hear from us ever again. Also, two-time Grantsville cartwheeling "also participated" (she asked us not to mention that, though, because sensitive).

A big thanks to Impact Hub for hosting us for our show on September 8. Our doors will open at 7:30 and the show will start promptly at 8:00 (read: "sometime a little after 8:00").

You can reserve your tickets at the link below, and we recommend that you do so right away because, well, obviously. As usual, we have a limited number of seats so get your ticket before we are required by the president of fire departments everywhere to turn you to the streets.

Please also join our Facebook event page to follow our incredibly obnoxious postings about the event. As always, we promise an appropriate amount of nudity. That event page is a great place to annoy your friends with repeated invites.

If you have a story you would like to share on the Strangerville Live stage, please shoot us
an email at

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