Strangerville Live

Strangerville Live is primarily a storytelling show, produced by Eli McCann, Jolyn Metro, and Meg Walter. Strangerville Live events take place at Impact Hub in Salt Lake City quarterly where storytellers and musicians who have worked tirelessly for a few months on developing their act take the stage and entertain an audience of Strangers for an evening.

Our next Strangerville Live show will take place in Salt Lake City, at Impact Hub, on Friday May 12,  at 8:00 PM. Get tickets below:

The show will feature:

1. Sara Hanks: TV & Jelly contributor, former writer for Feminist Mormon Housewives, twice nominated as employee of the month FOR JOBS SHE DIDN'T EVEN HAVE.

2. Craig Hanks: Host of The Legendarium Podcast, TV & Jelly contributor, possesses enough Zelda materials to end all dating for everyone.

3. Rachelle Young Pearson: Strangerville storyteller (The World of Guardians--the grandma bed-making story), overworked mother, once got Eli put into detention in the 8th grade and he has never forgiven her for this.

4. Eli McCann: Creator of It Just Gets Stranger, co-producer of Strangerville Live and the Strangerville Podcast, probably currently eating cake with his bare hands even though it's not his birthday.

If you have a story you would like to share on the Strangerville Live stage, please shoot us
an email at

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