We've got a great Strangerville Live this weekend in Salt Lake City, this Friday and Saturday (same show both nights). Two returning storytellers and two newbies. Plus I'm hosting and I promise to wear tight-fitting clothes because sex sells (and because all of my clothes are tight now thanks to the fact that I rediscovered my old bread maker and now I think I'm on The Great British Baking Show every day).

We have tickets available for both nights. It should be a fun time plus we have free snacks to throw at you and I finally stopped getting granola bars because no one ever wants them and then they just go back to my house and turn into stale bricks in our cupboard until we realize we haven't gone grocery shopping in like 6 months and we become so desperate for a snack that we finally eat them.

You can get tickets and find details HERE.

Please come and laugh with us!