We bought our tickets to Amsterdam last week!!!! (we= my sister Krishelle+grandma whittle (not my great grandma that I have written about- that would be hilarious)+uncle Will+me). We're leaving May 29th and we'll fly into Amsterdam and spend a day or two there plus a day or two in either London, Paris, or Copenhagen and then we'll fly down to Egypt and spend 9 or 10 days there traveling around, doing the strangest stuff we can think of, at one point floating a ways up the Nile on boats that apparently have a reputation for not always floating. Last night a friend told me that they know someone who went fishing on the Nile and saw a dead horse float by, which is actually still making me a bit queasy; but I'll see a dead horse if it means I get to spend a week and a half in Egypt getting the best tan (aka sunburn) of my life. Can't wait. We'll fly back up to Amsterdam on the 12thish of June and then fly back to the states on June 13th. Unless I unexpectedly get lost in Egypt and stay there for the rest of my life which is always a possibility. We orgininally wanted to go over to Jerusalem but shockingly my parents are not super excited about us parading up and down the Gaza strip right now in short Khaki shorts and over sized cameras hanging around our necks pointing out all the neat stuff like it's Disneyland (because I'm sure that going to Jeruselem means we would undoubtedly end up in the Gaza strip). And their worry is important to us so we altered our plans a bit although sweet Grandma Whittle has mentioned a few times that she still would like to find a way to make it to the "Holy Land" even if it does mean increased chances of having her head blown off in a freak terrorist attack on some bus. But Egypt will be just fine. Woot!