Today is going to be an interesting day. Just another step in all the dramatic changes that will be taking place for me over the next few weeks. It will probably be my last day in the ward I have been attending for the last 2 and a half years and because of that, I'll be getting released from my calling today. This is a calling that I've been serving in for the last year and I have to say that it feels really strange to get released now. I admit that I've always sort of thought that it would be a major relief when the day came, and it most definitely will bring some relief, but the strangeness of the whole situation is actually overpowering that for me right now. A large part of me will really miss the opportunities I've had to serve and the learning experiences that I've had serving in this ward. A large part of me won't miss the meetings and some of the challenges that left me feeling pretty inadequate at times. But overall my experience in this ward has been really great; I've grown a lot here and learned a lot here. When my friends and I moved into this house on University Avenue in December of 2005, I was 21 years old, pretty fresh off my mission with very little school done at all. We didn't plan on staying in the house for much longer than a semester just for the sake of moving but semester after semester we just couldn't get ourselves to leave. We fell in love with the house, the ward and the friendships we've made. Now looking back at these last couple of years seems so surreal to me. I just can't believe that that much time has gone by. Many friends have come and gone, as is the nature of being college students. Many classes have come and gone. My closest group of friends are all currently going their separate ways to graduate schools, work, internships and so on and life will really never be the same for any of us. But for all of us, we'll look back fondly on our undergrad years at the little house on University Avenue and all the funny experiences we had there (some that didn't really seem so funny at the time).

Change is really good. Sometimes I have a really hard time remembering that but it really is good. And it will be nice in some ways to move on. Moving in with my parents for the next month or two will probably mean the first good night's sleep in several years (I will die young). Also, I'm sure that wherever I end up and whatever I end up doing, I will make good memories out of it and will enjoy it as well.

Well I think I'll cut it off there.