I'll make it quick.  I know I haven't blogged for a while and I have a lot of funny things to tell about.  Hopefully I'll be able to catch up over the next few days.

Please enjoy some pictures of my recent trip to Mexico.  Krishelle and I left on New Years Day and met Uncle Will and his good friend Andrea in San Diego and then drove down to Rosarito Mexico and stayed in a cool little place on the beach.  We of course bought a lot of junk none of us could ever possibly need, including 28 heavy but surprisingly inexpensive Mariachi figurines which we got from an adorable Mexican woman who, when Uncle Will started singing along with the radio asked, "You like-a Shakira?!  I like-a Shakira!!" which we of course quoted no less then 5,000 times over the next few days.

Naturally we took food from every questionable street vendor that ever failed a sanitation test and none of us has really felt the same since.  And we knew it was wrong at the time but we ate anyway.  I even took a couple of bites out of a stuffed pepper that looked like someone had thrown up into it (the taste confirmed this prognosis).

We eventually drove north to Brawley California (where my mom and Uncle Will grew up) and stayed with Nona (grandma) for a day or two.  We took Andrea out to Salvation Mountain (where my camera died--we'll have to get the pictures from Krishelle later) and actually took a driving tour of Slab City which was both intriguing and frightening at the same time.  If you missed the explanations of both Slab City and Salvation Mountain from my earlier post, you'll want to catch up now.

It was great to see Nona again (we always miss her so much) and we REALLY appreciate her letting us crash her party for a few days.

Flew in last night and about had a heart attack when we stepped off the plane into the almost sub-zero weather.  10 rest-less hours later I was in class, constant stream of tears running down my cheeks (symbolically at least).

It Just Gets Stranger~