Last Friday I went to the Facebook Page and asked you for the strangest name you've ever heard parents give their child. You did not disappoint. I think we're going to have to do more of these brain storms together. They make for a hysterical Friday. And by the way, if you haven't already, please hop on and LIKE the Facebook Page.

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Strangest Names
(I included the first name of the person who submitted. And I deleted duplicates, in case you're wondering where your entry is)

1. Josh: "Sparkle Arckle"

2. Stacee: "He was actually a very cute guy.... Real Name... "Warrior Hunt".  Very unique..."

3. Diana: "Amber Gurr... AND she had a brother named Vinny."

4. Michelle: "Sparkle Plumber... No joke"

5. Maret: "Aries B'Crimefighter."

6. Mike: "From Freakonomics: Lemawnjello, shuteed (edited for content)"

7. Shea: "Eli Whittle" [Cathie is going to be PISSED]

8. Tanya: "Tijuanna Hooker"

9. Erin: "Abcde, pronounced absedie and I had a friend whose legal name was Star* and her brother was Darth."

10. Elizabeth: "Sha-qua. The dash is not silent. So it is said Shadashqua."

11. Shalina: "Twins: sugar and kareme"

12. Jillian: "La-ah pronounced Ladasha. And twins Clover and Daffodil"

13. Britt: "Sprite"

14. Kelly: "Twins: Princess and Kitten, no joke."

15. Annalee: "Female (fee-mah-lay)."

16. Tracey: "Orangejello and Lemonjello. Accent on the 'a' and 'o'. Twins.  And Asshole' pronounced A-shol-a."

17. Hailee: "Princess Paige (her parents  let her older brother name her), Race Carr, Dow Jones, Dove meet a lot of interesting people in North Idaho..."

18. Connie: "Ima June Bugg"

19. Shannon: "Michael Michaelson. (Kid I was a TA for in college. Poor guy.)"

20. Bobbie: "Moon Unit and Dweezle Zappa.  The other odd one came from the dr that delivered the poor girl, Vagina, pronounced vajeena"

21. Tara: "Dick Allnut.  He sold me my car.  True story."

22. Daniel: "Toledo (Named for the place  of conception. Toledo was a stop this couple took on their way to Disney  Land, so the girl dogded a bullet)."

23. Cassidy: "Justa Cowgirl! Yikes"

24. Hailee: "Working in a preschool, too. I've had an Ark, Enzo (like Ferrari), Tegel (pronounced like Bagel). A newspaper here in Rexburg puts out the weirdest baby names at the end  of every year, and this girl blogs about it. Good reading, though sadly  lacking any mention of snuggies..."

25. Sharon: "Boaz Barfuss.  (Note to families that have crappy last names: stick to names like "Mike" and "Julie" please.)"

26. Bobbie: "And one more, ESPN, pronounced espen."

27. Kimber: "Chlamydia. Yep. Like the std."

28. Bobbie: "Then there's the cowboy that named the boys Rope, Tie, and Cash.  Yes, they all rodeo."

29. Meriah: "Arthur McCarthur, Niels  Nielson, James Jameson, I HATE it when people do that to their kids, and  I know every one of these people."

30. Pamela: "Anakin and Vader! A mother was calling out to her kids who came running out from around the corner :)"

31. Bethany: "Oh yeah I forgot Rock Haun."

32. Sarah: "Carla Carland and Russell Russell. I know these people personally."

33. Amber: "My friend named her kid's middle Danger. So he could say "my middle name is danger'"
34. Jodi: "La-a....pronounces Ladasha....INSANE!"

35. Alex: "My Grandma went to school with twins named Ima and Ura last name Pigg."
36. Suzanne: "Anti-Nephi-Lehi. Also Ufuk Tuna."

37. Cara: "Passion, Kindly, and Wisdom all from the same family."

38. Kirsten: "Epic Rhythm.  Not sure what that's referring to... The poor kid!"

39. Kelli: "Floral Beaver. For real."

40. Catherine Fritz: "We named our second daughter  Teal: Daddy's a duckhunter and a teal is a little duck. We were talking  about how hunters name their sons Drake (male mallard) or, unisex,  Hunter. I asked if there were any other girl duck names besides Suzy  (female mallard), since we were having another girl, and my husband came  up w/Teal."

41. Marian: "My son's friend's name is (yes, I'm serious) - Furious! Must have been what "Furious'" grandma said to his mom when hearing that her un-married daughter was pregnant???"
42. Jessica: "Starship 5 Jemimah Judd. He's  a boy. then Trixy Petunia Pineapple Judd , Sassafras Sapphire  Safronia  Judd. I'm not making this up. These are real names, all in the same  family."

43. Jen: "Laquana ("la-qwa-na"), Mercedes, and Porsha."

44. Miranda: "Twin brother and sister named Odd and Even. The boy's name was Odd the girl's name was Even, she went by Eve. Poor Odd!"

45. Charlee: "Ernie Burt.  Went to school with him."

46. Eva: "Sage Brush, poor girl."

47. Bryce: "Fortify . . . It's a beautiful name... here's the link to her blog she's a poet"

48. Ashlee: "Audio science"

49. Kristie: "Ducky Pickles."

50. Serene: "Paime (prounouced Pay me) with the last name Friday. Sounds ridiculous when called out over the intercom at school."

51. Jen: "Snoop dog Chuckie. Not a joke."

52. Bruce: "Shithea`d...true story. How sad too. I felt so bad for the girl."

53. Elizabeth: "Eutus."

54. Becky: "Jett Storm... Sounds like a superhero.  I went to school with Turquoise Brown and Amanda Dume (pronounced "do me")."

55. Cat: "Harry Richard Butts. Now,  that may seem somewhat normal, except that the guy went by  know which for some odd reason is short for Richard. Total weirdo!"

56. Ryan: "I can confirm the one that  has Trixie Petunia Pineapple, Sasafrass Saphire Sophronia, but the other  one is Superstar Five Jemima and it's a girl, and they also have Falcon  Jasper and the last name is Judd."

57. Kami: "Erith Brin, Tricity Boh."

58. Jessica: "Lasagna. No lie."

59. Cathie: "Mehitable Fish. It is in our genealogy."

60. Tasha: "B'Crimefighter"

61. Kristi: "Bowan Arrow. Not kidding."

62. Erin: "Hey, I met a guy named Odd  the other day... Same one maybe? He served me my food at a restaurant  and said, "Hi, I'm Odd and I'll be your waiter". I thought it was a  really weird introduction until I read his name tag."

63. Nancy: "Shiton."

64. Chelsea: "Casper, and as if the name wasn't bad enough the poor kid can't do anything as good as  his siblings."

65. Christy: "Theodore Bear (their real last name).  They called him Teddy.  Poor kid."

~It Just Gets Stranger