On Saturday the court had an outing to the Rock Islands as sort of a farewell party for the three of us court counsel who will be leaving Palau over the next few weeks. We made the forty minute boating trek to one favorite beach with a view of a small lagoon-like area. We barbecued, played music, swam, and visited with one another until the sun started setting. It was wonderful.
The beach had a bunch of props on it from Russian Survivor, which is being filmed in Palau right now. Two seasons of the U.S. version of Survivor have taken place in Palau. When something like that happens in a country that is smaller than many universities in America, it leaves an impact. Seeing the Survivor memorabilia around town this year prompted me to become a huge fan of the show. My friends and I have ordered old seasons on Amazon to pass around to one another. So when I found out that Russian Survivor was going to be here for my final few weeks, I suddenly felt like I was living in the middle of Hollywood.
What made this particularly exciting to me was that Daniel and I just happened to be on the Russian version of The Amazing Race last year when we were in Kyiv. We were walking through a park when we saw several of the teams running by, each being chased by its own camera man. One of the teams stopped and quickly asked us for directions to a spot we had just come from. I did my very best to be charismatic and memorable to ensure that my big Russian television debut would not get cut.
So I've been hopeful that I could somehow make my way into Russian Survivor too because then the really observant people in Russia would probably start to think that all reality T.V. is completely staged because the same American guy innocently gets involved in every show they watch.
Unfortunately, I haven't seen any cameras yet. Seeing this gigantic planet on the beach after one of their challenges is the closest I've gotten.

The day was full of fresh, raw fish, which I even helped prepare! I, Eli McCann, touched a dead animal. I'm growing up! Next stop, PUBERTY.

And then I made it home just in time for this sunset. Sometimes I think I just might miss Palau.

~It Just Gets Stranger