Good day, my children. One week from tomorrow I'll be racing the half Ironman in St. George. And when I say "racing" I mean "crying at." And when I say "St. George" I mean "Hell on Earth."

At least my hair will look super good. Maybe I shouldn't wear a helmet on the biking portion.

And now, your Pictures and Distractions.

My morning walk to the office.

My good friend Matt at art night at my house.

The Mormons!

Salt Lake City Main Street at night.

The Mormons again!

I made borsch.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

Hysterical graphs that explain the world. Thanks, Francie.

Funny wet cats. Thanks, Francie.

The baby book of disasters. Not something Fortify would ever have to know about. Thanks, Jonelle.

21 things you've never seen before in your life. Thanks, Sherry.

Animals are jerks. Thanks, Kayla.

The worst music video in the whole world! I swear to you, I have watched this probably 59 times in the last week. Thanks, Brian.

7 ways to be insufferable on Facebook. Thanks, Sarah.

Conversation starters and stoppers. Thanks, Natalie.

Shocking or hilarious photos from the past. Thanks, Magan.

23 GIFs that will teach you something.  Thanks, Veronica.

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