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Conversation at my Dentist Appointment Today Which I Wish was as Exaggerated as it Seems
Dentist: Welcome back. How have things been?

Eli: Well I tried to do an Ironman but it got cancelled BUT IT'S OK BECAUSE THEY CAN'T CANCEL YOUR DREAMS.

Dentist: Oh. Sorry to hear that. Any pain since your last visit?

Eli: Not really any pain. Well, besides when my toenail fell off after a marathon in July. I named it "Tami."

Dentist: You named what "Tami?" The toenail?

Eli: No. The toe. Who names their toenails?

Dentist: Who names their toes?

Eli: Touche. Anyway, do you want to see her?

Dentist: Absolutely not.

Eli: Just as well. She looks bad without hair anyway.

Dentist: Uh . . . so have you had any problems since you were last here?

Eli: I had this weird fainting spell thing and they thought it was my heart but I thought it was bedbugs but DON'T WORRY BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE BEDBUGS and now they think my heart is strong, which is good but then it just means that there's something else wrong with me and [in an ominous voice] sometimes not knowing is the worst part.

Dentist: So what do they think it is?

Eli: Ebola.

Dentist: WHAT?!

Eli: Oh I'm kidding. Is it not ok to kid about that? Sometimes I don't know what you can joke about and what you can't. Like this one time I said I was going to slap all the children in the grocery store and all of the moms on the Internet sent me angry emails.

Dentist: So it's not Ebola?

Eli: No. Just anxiety. MAYBE. That's the thing about not knowing. It means that you just don't know.

Dentist: Interesting. So back to my question, have you had any concerns since your last visit?

Eli: I went through a crappy breakup but that was months ago and I'm over it now.

Dentist: You know that I'm trying to ask you about your teeth, right?

Eli: What about them?

Dentist: How are they?

Eli: Oh they're fine, thanks.

Dentist: Sometimes I wish we hadn't answered that first phone call from you one year ago.

~It Just Gets Stranger