I told you recently that I connected with this guy named Chris Patty on what the kids are calling "The Twitter" when I asked the great internet void for graphic design help. Well Chris messaged me and after chatting a bit I found out that he actually practices witchcraft and legit worships all of the Satans and therefore has a truly unconstitutional ability to build websites.

The next thing I knew I was sending this near stranger all of my passwords and everyone's grandma's social security numbers and original copies of family photos from during the war so he could take all of the Stranger content from blogger and move it to this new space.

I truly do not understand how any of this is possible. I would text him and be like "can you make this thingy do this thingy and look like a better thingy?" and he would respond 9 minutes later and be like "I just invented new science and now the thingy does that plus another thingy that you didn't realize you wanted until just now."

So, as a result of all of this certainly illegal and probably borderline terrorist activity, we now have a new site that is much more functional and will allow me to publish the type of articles I was writing for The Beehive right in this space, it will allow us to publish great pieces from other writers, it will make Strangerville and Strangerville Live information much more accessible, it will allow for much easier community interaction, AND all we had to do was swear an allegiance to all the forces of evil. Which is like a pretty good tradeoff when you consider that you can finally upvote comments.

So please spend some time checking things out. We'll continue to make updates as we go and as we see the need. Let me know if you have any questions or see anything wonky that I may not have noticed yet. (As it turns out, when you move 14 years worth of content to a new custom-built site, there can be kinks. We think we've addressed major issues, but I'm sure we'll find areas that need improvement here and there.)

And while you poke around, why not take a listen at this week's gory Strangerville:

This time in Strangerville, Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity for Eli's husband to scam Eli, Meg was the kind of girl in high school who watched I Love The 80s on VH1, and a woman recounts her harrowing journey visiting an unconventional dentist.


The Butchar, by Jesslyn Poulson (Music by Jackson F. Smith)

Production by Eli McCann & Meg Walter

~It Just Gets Stranger