Skylar called me at 9:14 this morning. "Can you give me some Bible verse about arrogance?" he asked.

"Huh?" I was in the middle of responding to a work email and it took a moment or two for me to register what he was asking. "You want me to quote the Bible at you?"

"Yes. Hurry. I need a Bible verse now," he said, honestly in a tone of urgent solemnity, like he was out to save lives and souls.

"Uh. Wickedness never was happiness?"

"No," he barked at me. "I need something specific about arrogance. I need to understand what that book says about arrogance."

That book. It's an improvement from what I heard him call it a few years ago during a conversation about major world religions: "Novel."

"Ok. Let me think a second. I haven't really done any of this for a while . . ." I started to say.

"Didn't you read the Bible for like 3 hours a day until you were 30?" he asked me, demonstrating that I still, apparently, after all these years, have not been able to give him an accurate representation of a religious person's life.

"I've got it. 'Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before the fall.' Proverbs 16:18."

Skylar started mumbling the verse back at me in a way that it became clear he was writing this down. " . . . and a hot spirit before fall," I heard him say.

"No. Not a 'hot spirit.' A 'HAUGHTY' spirit. And it's 'the fall.' Not 'fall' as in the season." I corrected him.

I was shushed.

"What is this even for? Why am I spending time on this right now?" I asked.

"Why am I spending time on this right now?" is a question I ask him frequently in my house. I rarely receive a satisfactory answer.

He hung up on me and ten minutes later I got a text. "I'm appealing a parking ticket," he said. "Here's my appeal."

This man is so exhausting.

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