This time in Strangerville, four stories about exaggerated fear. College kids cause a stir in their small town. A child remembers a gas station encounter much more colorfully than his father. A bunch of 80s and 90s kids discuss a traumatizing episode of a popular children’s show. And a woman reflects on her trick-or-treating past. Stay tuned, and watch some people get irrationally scared in this special Halloween episode.

Intro: by Eli McCann


1. Murder on Main (9:19), by Grandpa Boyd and Meg Morley Walter

2. The Stabbing (14:53), by Ben and Mike Miller

3. Refrigerator Death (25:52), by Eli McCann, contributions by Jennifer Friess, DeAnne Hale, and several others

4. Trick or Treat (50:50), by Meg Morley Walter

Production Assistance by Derrick Clements and Jolyn Metro