Due credit must be given and I cannot claim that anyone pictured here invented Fakesgiving but I will say that each of us, and especially the picture taker, Kalli, perfected the new holiday. It all started a week ago when Quinn and Pam informed me over two freshly baked pumpkin pies that the 4th Sunday of September is fakesgiving but unfortunately I was not invited because "fakesgiving is a family holiday."

So one week later Kalli called me and asked if I wanted to celebrate Fakesgiving a week late; and it all began.

We assigned cooking assignments for all the foods you normally eat on Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving is a holiday in November, not to be confused with Fakesgiving which is not to be confused with Fakesaween which is in September or Fakesmas which falls at the beginning of November). Unfortunately turkeys are a bit rare right now so we had to go with chickens which are now the new traditional Fakesgiving bird. The good thing about creating your own holiday is that you make the traditions and you can totally base them on convenience, which makes me wonder who the heck created having to risk your life every December to put up strings of lights on a slippery roof, because there is nothing convenient about that tradition.

Once the table was set and decorated with green leaves (instead of colored "fall" leaves you often find on Thanksgiving) we each took turns saying what we were fakesful for. Being fakesful for something means that that thing either doesn't exist or it is something that you are not at all thankful for, thus making Fakesgiving a primarily sarcastic holiday (which is why, I'm sure, I enjoy it so much).

Dinner was nice for all of us, except for Jason who ate right before and then wondered, even though we told him no less than three times that day about it, why there was so much prepared food in the kitchen when he got home from church.

We look forward to celebrating next year and invite all of you to join us.