I have stepped away from the blog for way too long and it is already time for Thanksgiving so I thought it would be appropriate to write about two of the things that I am currently thankful for and if I'm feeling ambitious, I will try to post more throughout the week:

I am applying to law schools right now and it's been a stressful ordeal amid all the school, work, church and family obligations (all in addition to the pressure of social interaction spurred from, as my bishop so lovingly put it for me today, "the window of opportunity closing fast") but I have had some great support. All three of my letter of recommendation writers were very prompt and kind to sacrifice some time to make up lies about me and serve as great counselors to me as I start to make some big decisions. I'm thankful for that.

Last Saturday Blaine and Diana's family were sealed in the temple and I got to go see it. I spent part of the afternoon with the family after the sealing and got to interact with Joseph and Matthew after not seeing much of them over the last month or so. That family has made some amazing progress and the parents are absolute saints for what they have done for those two little boys who have experienced so much tragedy at such a young age. I've been able to witness an incredible healing as I've watched that family work through trials that I could never imagine with such positive attitudes and incredible amounts of hope. I'm thankful for that.

If you're feeling ambitious, feel free to post something you're thankful for in the comments!!! (Very cheezy; I know)