Please tell me this picture makes you smile.

A lot has happened in the last week and I thought I would update everyone as orderly as possible. No, that's too much to ask.

This weekend was General Conference which is a world-wide meeting my church has every six months where all the church leaders speak to the members about how to live better lives, have faith, overcome obstacles . . . It was great as always but I have to agree with 4-year-old Kaylee who told us as if she was breaking some really bad news, "it was a long hard thing to watch." Although I'm sure she didn't see more than about 4 minutes of the five session ten hour conference, everyone can understand the restless feeling you can get in meetings no matter how uplifting they are. But conference really was fantastic and once again I learned so much. I look forward to reading and listening to the talks again over the next six months.

Now I'm keeping myself pretty busy trying to prepare for graduation and moving out. In order to make the move a bit smoother I spent a couple of hours the other night dejunking and cleaning my room after swearing a mighty oath to myself that I would ruthlessly chuck anything that I did not want to use or wear at that exact moment. Two hours later I had gotten rid of one pair of shorts, about three old t-shirts and a small stack of papers that no one could possibly need ever. Not the most successful. If I can talk Micalyne into it, I'll have her come help me. She has made me throw away a lot of things in the past that I have really dragged my feet with; and shockingly, she has never gotten me to throw anything away that I've later regretted. I'm sure that would be the case with the 30 or so over sized t-shirts that I have in my drawers that I've received from various road races over the years or the DI Barbie puzzle Jason gave me for Christmas a few months ago (I finally did put it together and no, it wasn't missing any pieces). But I just seem to have a hard time parting with things. I got pretty good for a while when my family became obsessed with cutting clutter out of our lives about 8 months ago because my mom showed us part of this special on TV about this lady that was an extreme hoarder and had cluttered her house with enough junk to fill several warehouses (if I remember right, it took a crew of 100 people 2 months to clean it all out). But as with most things, my obsession with dejunking started to wear off after a while. The same thing happened after I saw "Supersize Me" and I didn't eat for about 7 months.

Sometimes I feel like I just need to start a new paragraph if I want to have any hope of ending the rambling. So I am moving in with my parents at the end of this month. It's something that I usually mumble under my breath quickly and then move on to the next topic because everyone knows that moving back in with your parents is generally not a sign that things are going well. But things really are going well and I'm looking forward to getting a little break from Provo for a while to spend more time with my family. I will probably move back to Provo sometime in June, depending on how long it takes me to get sick enough of commuting to Lindon for work every day.

OK so I rambled and didn't really update you on much of anything but I hope it was enjoyable nonetheless.