Well I'm finally back in town and while vacation is always a splendid thing, I must say it feels great to be back. This is partly because I've been sicker than I've ever been for the last two days, which I'll get to later, but also because this was never intended to be the relaxing type of vacation. It was quite rigorous and wearing. That said, the last two weeks were a couple of the most amazing weeks I've ever had. We saw so much and moved around more than a former mobster in the witness protection program which has left me feeling like I've been away for years, not weeks. I've been living in a dream-world and now I'm trying to get back to reality (the 113 new work emails are going to help me do that real quick).

We returned just about 7 hours ago but I'm having a hard time sleeping and I just uploaded all my pictures so I thought I might start blogging about the adventures. There is no way I could ever have the stamina to sit down and write about the whole trip at once so I decided to break it up and blog about it just a few days at a time. Enjoy!