I attended a wonderful conference for the J. Reuben Clark Law Society for the last three days. This is where Mormon attorneys and law students gather in one place to hear 40 different people give the exact same rendition of the history of the founding of both the society and BYU Law School. In addition to the speeches, the society serves around the clock meals to the hundreds in attendance. As a part of this endeavor, one room in the center of the frighteningly gigantic institute building at the University of Utah campus was designated solely for the purpose of feeding. The tables spanning the length of the room were consistently piled high with mounds of food, replenished almost magically for three days. Naturally, I spent the vast majority of the conference in this room. So did my friend Sarah who started on the opposite end of the longest table from where I began my animal-like mastication yesterday afternoon, meeting 45 minutes later at the middle somewhere near the over-sized muffins. Because of our firm dedication to testing the limits of this mysterious room, I have decided to add another row onto my resume under the service section for my help at this years JRCLS conference. My contribution: "food". If asked during an interview what I specifically worked on in regards to the food, I'll just tell them it was mostly consumption and clean-up. Mark my words: in two weeks time, I will have a job.

~It Just Gets Stranger