It's time to make "The Worst Things Ever" list for 2012, so we can all focus our hate on what really matters throughout this year. I have my list below, in no particular order. Please suggest in the comments anything you would like to submit to the list and we will consider including it:

The Worst Things Ever: 2012

1. Gold's Gym
2. Glee
3. Laundry
4. Grocery shopping
5. Getting oil changed
6. The Disney Channel
7. The following months: November, December, January, February, March
8. All drivers on the road
9. People pretending to like sushi to seem cultured (I have a theory that nobody actually likes sushi)
10. Animals, alive or dead
11. All of the people on Glee
12. Consequences
13. Pop music
14. Public restrooms
15. When people say "fro yo"
16. Skinny jeans
17. Twilight (this is our last year. By 2013, we all need to move on to hating other things)
18. Responsibility
19. Talking on the phone
20. Swimming
21. My foot disease
22. Movies about horses
23. The Bod Pod
24. Dry skin

~It Just Gets Stranger