Good morning, all. It's freaking cold. But I have exciting news. I'm going to be telling a story on The Porch this Thursday evening at Muse in Provo. The show starts at 8:30 and I believe I'll be opening it this time. I just found out about this yesterday. It's not like I was keeping it from you because I was mad. I hope to see every single one of you there. And then I hope all of you who can't get in because there isn't enough room have a huge gang fight in the street. But if you want to make sure you are not a part of that gang fight, you can get your tickets now here.

Recently I hung out with my friends, Jess and Marie. And our other good friend, Tinder.

I gave you a very accurate and detailed explanation and report of Tinder not long ago. Since then I have experimented with it and tested its limits.

I have a really bad track record of taking other people's phones or computers and starting ridiculous conversations with one of their contacts. I should have learned my lesson when I did this freshman year of college to my friend Betsy when I took her laptop and confessed her undying love to one instant message contact whom I didn't know but who was online at the time. Rather than just be weirded out by "Betsy's" message, "I LOVE YOU AND ALWAYS HAVE AND WANT TO HAVE YOUR BABIES TODAY!" this guy responded in kind. And told her that he was always too afraid to tell her how he felt because he didn't know if she would reciprocate the feelings.

And then I quickly tried to convince Betsy to love this person because that seemed like the easiest way out of the mess I had just caused. But Betsy just responded to my pleas with "why are you asking me about this guy? I would NEVER date him! He's a weirdo." Then I turned the laptop over to her and ran out of the room and never talked to her again.

So with that history in mind, Jess and I took Marie's phone and began Tindering for her. We right swiped ("liked") a good number of folks and eventually one of them started chatting with her. So we responded. And somehow DIDN'T scare him away.

Note: Marie is very attractive.

~It Just Gets Stranger