I feel like a broken record announcing this for the third day in a row. But you've come to expect that around here. I really only have about three different jokes that I just use over and over again, interspersed with references to the Queen of Colors and Leotrix, and some have you have been reading for two years. I'll be telling a story about my worst Christmas ever tomorrow night (Thursday) at The Porch in Provo, starting at 8:30. If you plan to go, please get your tickets now as the show sometimes fills up. You can get those tickets here.

And now, for today's post. This is for all of you who have been missing Daniel lately and want to see his happy face.

I know that I should be 100% too embarrassed about this to share it with you. But, what can I say? I'm losing my standards in my old age.

Two years ago I was hanging out at Daniel's house one dark winter evening after we had just spent a couple of hours miserably flopping around in the pool trying to train for Ironman St. George. As it later turned out: FOR NO GOOD REASON AT ALL.

It was snowing and dark and cold and we were bored. We were both caught in our own Youtube/Wikipedia traps when one of us came across information for The Amazing Race and how they were currently taking video applications. So we immediately taped my phone to Daniel's laptop and recorded a video with no planning and submitted it.

I was just thumbing through some stuff on the Stranger Youtube channel and I saw this video. I'm feeling all sorts of nostalgia and embarrassment. But here it is, shared for the first time on Stranger:

The Amazing Race never did contact us.


Actually, our loss. We could have really used the money. And attention.

~It Just Gets Stranger