I think I made a terrible mistake.

You guys. I made a TERRIBLE mistake!

Remember when I tried to do an Ironman that one time? Remember how it did not work out very well? Remember how I sacrificed my life for the cause and for six months I was always either undergoing self-inflicted water-boarding in the pool or lying on a flat surface sucking on a mouth-full of melting therapy ice cream, crying? Remember how right after the Ironman we had this conversation?:


You Guys: Eli, we are so sorry for your loss!

Eli: How could you guys let that happen to me?!

You Guys: We tried to stop you. But you were too stubborn. And you wouldn't listen.

Eli: Well, if I ever act like I'm considering signing up for another Ironman, will you please stop me?

You Guys: Yes, Eli. Of course we will.

Eli: Promise?

You Guys: Yes. We promise.

Eli: Cross your hearts?

You Guys: Yes. Cross our hearts. Twice up the barrel, once down the side.

Eli: Whatever it takes, you canNOT let me try this again.

You Guys: You got it, kiddo. Also, you look SO good today and your hair looks amazing, as usual.

Eli: Stop! I'm so embarrassed!

You Guys: We will NOT stop! You are the most amazing person we know and every time we imagine you with your shirt off, we imagine that you look like all of the male models in the world.

Eli: Seriously! Too much!

You Guys: No, Eli! We have even more to say! . . .


It was a really long conversation and I don't have time to write out the rest of it. But the relevant part is that you guys PROMISED that you would stop me from attempting another Ironman.

You did not stop me.

I signed up for this stupid thing and now I'm training every day. And this one is particularly terrifying because it's supposed to be incredibly cold in Tahoe in late September. And now every time I walk outside into the freezing temperatures I exhibit signs of Pre Traumatic Stress Disorder.

On Saturday my friend Brandt and I ran 8 or 9 miles in the canyon just down the street from where I live. Snowmageddon occurred for the last 30 minutes of the run.

It was four days before I could feel my face again.

~It Just Gets Stranger