I am very lucky to be working side-by-side with my great friend Annie at the law firm. Annie and I were classmates in law school and competition partners in some oral advocacy competitions. She has been one of my closest friends over the years.

Since I met her in 2008, I've come to know Annie as the most efficient and productive human being on the planet. She's always accomplishing five things at once. And yet, she's perfectly pleasant to be around. She's also one of those people who always seems to know exactly what to do in all situations. This freaks me out. But it's incredibly convenient to have her in my life. You might remember her from my very awkward hot yoga experience several months ago.

Not only do we work at the same firm, but our offices are next to each other. We have grand plans to knock out the wall that separates us to have one mega office. BUT, with privacy beads, Annie insists.

A few days ago I walked into Annie's office to ask her a question. She had just returned from court where she, undoubtedly, resolved all of the legal conflicts in the world while also instructing the jury on how to make a proper souffle.

Eli: Hey, do you happen to know . . . uh . . . whatchya got there?

Annie: Huh? Oh, this?

Eli: Yes. That.

Annie: I know. It doesn't really fit very well. Not like it used to.

Eli: It not fitting is not at all why I'm laughing right now.

Annie: Don't you think it's pretty?

Eli: Maybe. IF I WAS SIX.


Eli: Honey child. That is not a perfectly acceptable thing for anyone to wear after their tenth birthday. Or 1993.

Annie: This is EXACTLY why we're going to need privacy beads when we finally knock out that wall.

Annie Quinn Wilson: Brilliant attorney, super mom, phenomenal triathlete, wears Ring Pops in her office.

I think I especially love this picture because Annie wouldn't stop writing a note for some case she was working on long enough for me to take one picture.

And now that you're feeling the same bit of nostalgia I felt when I saw this the other day, what is your favorite candy or treat you remember loving as a child? GO.

~It Just Gets Stranger