So I made a joke earlier this week about making t-shirts and a bunch of you actually seemed interested in this so I learned how to use the Internets and created a very scientific poll at the top right of your screen for you to vote on your favorites among those discussed in the comments. I may try to force Matt to design some of the more popular ideas. I'll try to bribe him with cheesecake. AND GOOD COMPANY. You can select multiple answers, so please take a second and do that.

I have been asking so much of you lately!

And now, your Pictures & Distractions:

How I spent my Valentine weekend. Hashtag mud mask. Hashtag loneliness. Hashtag nudity. Hashtag NSFW. Hashtag NSFL. 

Wandering the State Capitol Building after an evening hearing.

Annie and I are reprising our roles as late-night work buddies, something we regularly did in law school together. Except now it's for an actual case, and Annie is juggling two sick babies while I look on with a new level of respect for this amazing working mom whose life has changed so much since I first met her 8 years ago.

Mr. Scraps smells chicken!

I couldn't get Mr. Scraps to be interested in Survivor once he found Mr. Pants's bone. Also, Wade is showing a lot of leg in the background.

*****Stranger Picture of the Week

Georgia found this and asked if it was true. I told her that the Queen of Colors has some very powerful lobbyists in Utah so I wouldn't be surprised. 

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

Survivor is back! Here's my recap at TV & Jelly (also be sure to check out Meg's hysterical recaps of the Bachelor).

Chicken vortex. Thanks, Cara.

Birds with human arms. Thanks, Sandra.

Because Dean Strang. Thanks, Heather.

Please. For my birthday. Thank you. Thanks, Sherry.

15 cats that have better fashion than you. Thanks, Sarah.

Nicholas Cage family picture. Thanks, Trisha.

Look out June Snapple. Thanks, Elizabeth.

Speaking of June Snapple. Thanks, Mette.

Kazoo. What the crap did I just watch twice. Thanks, Ellica.

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