After Jolyn's many unsuccessful attempts at entering the witness protection program to get away from me, I found her and forced her to produce this month's episode of Strangerville.

Fewer than 50 animals were harmed in the making of this episode.

Also, can we take a moment to congratulate me and Jolyn on the fact that we have not quit this project and in fact have somehow made it to month EIGHT of Strangerville, wherein our hair has legit never looked better? We love our little Strangerville and all of you who wander into it to enjoy the real stories we've been able to share together.

Which reminds me, if you have a story or any story idea you think would be good for Strangerville, please call Jolyn in the middle of the night and scream it into her ear. Or, just email us.

I'll update you later on Rebecca's wedding shinanigans this weekend during which I was able to offend her entire family and nearly scare away her new family in one speech. Do you want to know what's scary? Having your best friend's angry mother yell at you in French.

In the meantime, please enjoy Episode 8: The World of Discovery.

This time in Strangerville we hear stories from people who leave home and discover new things about themselves. A New Yorker quits her job and finds herself a few months later walking the Camino de Santiago. A drama teacher has a close call hiking and hitchhiking through the Californian wilderness. And a woman adopted as a baby from Korea returns to her homeland and unwittingly discovers that everything she formerly believed about her biological family was completely incorrect. Segments1. Find a Way by Gemma Rogers2. Bear Necessities by Dana Rose Fleming 3. Asian Surprise by Amanda Peterson

~It Just Gets Stranger