We have somehow arrived at Episode 18 in our Strangerville journey. I don't know why it took us so long to do this episode. It is basically It Just Gets Stranger's theme music. Today, three incredible stories about truly the most embarrassing things I can imagine happening to a human.

And that's coming from ME. You know. The guy who once unnecessarily wandered around a Korean airport completely naked.

Today's episode contains a very special treat thanks to all of you. Sometime ago I asked you to share your most embarrassing moments on the Stranger Facebook page. You delivered. And then some. Meg and I were delighted to include some of our favorites from your offering in this episode. So check it out, and feel a little closer to your wonderfully-awkward Stranger family.

As always, thanks for your incredible support of Strangerville and the outpouring of love as we have embarked on this beautiful journey, collecting stories and sharing the best parts of life with you. We love you.

Please enjoy:

This time in Strangerville we explore stories from people (including many of you!) who have survived a nearly insurmountable amount of embarrassment. A young woman experiences the unthinkable during a college class presentation. A tanning bed mishap invokes a panicked response that only makes things worse. A newlywed has an uncomfortable encounter with his mother-in-law. And a grandmother unwittingly puts on a show for an entire restaurant full of people. Laugh and cringe with us and feel a little better about your own badges of honor.Intro: Meg WalterSegments:1. Marshal Law by Lauren2. Like Unsticking Something From A Pan story and music by David Peterson3. Scarred For Life by Dianne Young, Dana Simmons Geddes, & Jamie Young Clark

~It Just Gets Stranger