I have spent my weekend in home improvement hell and I need to tell you every single detail but right now I don't have time and at least 12 of my fingers are currently bleeding so I'm basically typing this all out with my nose which is unfortunate because I only type like four words a minute with my nose and that's only if they're short words and tomorrow is the eclipse which I accidentally referred to last week in a work meeting as the "apocalypse" and I didn't realize that I had done that until two days later when I was reliving the meeting because that's what you do when you have anxiety and now I'm wondering why nobody corrected me because it means that either they think I'm a crazy doomsdayer or they're all crazy doomsdayers or maybe nobody was listening to me and I don't know which of those is worse.

The point is, we have a new Strangerville episode and I'm tired and my fingers are bleeding and I just need you to listen to it. So do me a major solid and click on the little triangle play button below and tell me how sexy my voice is with its hair pushed back.

We love Strangerville. We love you. We love doing this. We love snuggies. And we love this episode. Please enjoy it. And I'm supposed to ask you to please become a Strangerville Patron.

This time in Strangerville we explore stories about crime and punishment and how those two things don't always align. A mother mostly fails in her efforts to teach her six-year-old that stealing is wrong. A little boy's parents take things a little too far as they try to teach him a lesson. A drug-dealing teenager's luck runs out. And a man becomes a detective in search for his stolen bike. Please join us in the land where Strangers really do have the best candy.

Intro: By Eli McCann

Hosted by Meg Walter and Eli McCann


1. Bread and Water, by Brad Morley

2. Pencil Pornographer, by Rob Anderson

3. Bike Thief, by Shawn Hammond

Some music provided by Jared Bird and production assistance by Jolyn Metro.

~It Just Gets Stranger